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forensic science course in uk

There are many unconventional science-related courses to choose from. Forensic Sciences or Forensic Studies is one of the most popular courses in which relatively few students show great interest. In forensic science, crimes and potential evidence for presentation in court are examined using scientific methodologies and techniques. When it comes to scientific aficionados who want to work in the medical profession but don’t want to follow the conventional MBBS path, this area seems to have gained astounding appeal. Keep reading to learn more about the top forensic science courses in the UK.


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Why Study in UK?

The UK has constantly positioned itself as the leader and remains one of the most secure destinations for studying abroad, regardless of the degree of specialization. The UK, home to some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, welcomes thousands of international students each year for a range of degrees. Here are some of the most common justifications for choosing to study in UK.

  • The universities in the UK offer higher educational standards that are usually recognised as the best in the world
  • Your learning will be maximised as quickly as possible with the use of brief, flexible courses
  • For many programmes, the UK is one of the most well-liked and varied study-abroad destinations. It may surprise you to realise that it is home to more than 120 different nationalities, making it distinct and offering the finest opportunities for growth and learning
  • With certain institutions of higher learning in the UK dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries, they are among the oldest in the whole globe. The UK has a long history and has improved educational standards in other nations

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About Forensic Science Course

An interdisciplinary subject, forensic science is based on scientific fields including physics, biology, and chemistry. By assisting in the identification, capture, and conviction of offenders for the purposes of criminal investigations, this branch of research plays a significant part in the criminal justice system. The field of forensic sciences includes a variety of fields such as forensic pathology, psychiatry, psychology, pathology, odontology, and forensic medicine. Forensic Science courses cover:

  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Photography
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Forensic Physics
  • Crime and Investigative Techniques
  • DNA Isolation
  • Forensic Ballistics
  • Questioned Documents
  • DNA Profiling
  • Cyber Forensics and Law
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Instrumental Chemistry

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Here is the list of some of the popular universities for Forensic Science courses in UK:

Name of the UniversityName and Level of the Course
Anglia Ruskin UniversityForensic Science – BSc (Hons)
Forensic Science – MSc
University of DundeeForensic Anthropology – BSc (Hons)
Forensic Medicine – BMSc (Hons)
Forensic Art and Facial Identification – (MSc)
Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology – MSc
Anatomy & Advanced Forensic Anthropology – MSc
University of South WalesForensic Biology – BSc (Hons)
Forensic Science with Criminology – BSc (Hons)
Analytical and Forensic Criminology – MSc
Forensic Biology – MSc
University of Durham BA in Criminology
MSc in Criminology
Criminal Justice
University of KeeleForensic Science – BSc (Hons)
Forensic Science
Criminology Combined Honors BSc
King’s College LondonForensic Science – MSc, MRes

Some of the other popular universities that offer the best courses to study Forensic Science in the UK are:

Name of the UniversityQS World University Rankings 
University of Kent#375
Northumbria University#651-700
Nottingham Trent University#801-1000
University of Staffordshire

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Application Process

The application procedure begins months before the start of school and lasts for a considerable amount of time. For overseas students to begin their studies, universities offer two primary intakes known as the autumn intake and winter intake. Here is a simple 5-step procedure to finish your application to study forensic science in the UK:

  • To identify your preferred colleges and programmes, get in touch with our specialists at Leverage Edu. Utilise our one dashboard platform to start your applications to various colleges
  • Gather all of your supporting documentation, including SOPs, essays, diplomas, LORs, and test results for the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc
  • Respect all application deadlines and begin the process of applying for housing, a student visa, and scholarships or loans
  • Accept the offer letter and connect digitally with your professors, classmates, and housemates
  • Get your visa granted and depart for the college of your dreams

Eligibility Criteria

English Language Requirements

Since the scorecard for the below-mentioned exams has validity for two years, students need to become familiar with the university calendar and thoroughly complete their admissions applications.

TestAverage Score Required 
IELTS6.0 – 6.5
TOEFL 80 – 90

Entry Requirements

Name of the SpecializationCourses in Forensic Science
Level of Education Offered10+2 with science or relevant field of studies.
(Candidate must note that there is an option for a direct/lateral entry to Bachelor course for those candidates having a 3-year diploma.) 
Eligibility Requirement10+2 with science or relevant field of studies.
(Candidate must note that there is an option for a direct/lateral entry to Bachelor course for those candidate having a 3-year diploma.) 

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Documents Required

Let’s examine the documentation phase, which is among the most important steps:

  • Academic Transcripts from all attended universities/colleges
  • English Proficiency Test Scores
  • GRE score card
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendation (Varies from University to university)
  • TB Test Results
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Financial Proofs

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Scholarships to Study a Course in Forensic Science in UK

Below are some of the popular scholarships for studying Forensic Science courses in UK:

Name of the ScholarshipBenefits
The Bestway Foundation ScholarshipGBP 26000
Fulbright-Imperial Scholarship GBP 17609
College of Health, Science and Society Dean’s ScholarshipVarious Benefits
Fully-Funded Rotary Peace FellowshipsVarious Benefits

Career Prospects

Graduates in the field of forensic science are in high demand in all branches of law enforcement, including the police, customs, and investigative agencies. Graduates in forensic science can work as forensic scientists, analytical chemists, lab technicians, toxicologists, or in criminal justice. The salary of an expert in this field varies depending upon the specialisation and country of employment, however, it ranges from INR 1.5 Lakh to INR 30.00 Lakh. 


Ques: What are the fees for Forensic Science courses in UK?

Ans: In the UK, tuition for a master’s degree in forensic science typically costs between INR 16.63 Lakh and INR 32.17 Lakh per year.

Ques: How many years has Forensic Science in UK?

Ans: Courses for Forensic Science in UK vary from 3 years to 6 years (part-time), depending upon a university and the level of education.

Ques: Do Forensic Scientists get paid well in UK?

Ans: The pay scales for forensic scientists in the UK are among the highest in the world. It falls between INR 17.98 and INR 44.96 lakhs.

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