The Cheapest University in Edinburgh For You to Consider if You Are on a Budget

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cheapest university in edinburgh

Dreaming of studying in Edinburgh, UK, but on a tight budget? Fret not, we have the solution! Studying in the UK is a dream for many, but a major hurdle often faced is the lack of sufficient funds. This shouldn’t deter you from achieving your goal, as numerous UK universities offer affordable courses. In this article, we provide all the necessary information about the cheapest universities in Edinburgh, helping you make an informed decision. While affordability is crucial, it shouldn’t imply compromising on education quality. The universities listed here are among the most prominent names in Edinburgh’s academic landscape. So, read on to discover the cheapest university in Edinburgh.


Top 5 Cheapest Universities in Edinburgh  

Refer to the data given below to get an overview of the top five cheapest universities in Edinburgh. 

University of Edinburgh

Source: The University of Edinburgh

Since its establishment in 1583, the University of Edinburgh has embarked on a path of training and moulding meritorious young minds into skilled individuals who can contribute positively to society. This powerhouse of an institution has had a profound impact on the entire academic landscape of the UK. Today, the university offers a myriad of rigorous courses for you to choose from, with the most notable being medicine, law, literature, and philosophy. The academic experience you gain here is unparalleled. In addition to the exceptional quality of education provided, one of the greatest advantages of studying here is the affordable cost of tuition fees. Therefore, international students on a budget who wish to study at one of the most prestigious and premier universities in the UK should consider the University of Edinburgh.

Heriot-Watt University

Source: Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University stands as one of the most prominent names in the UK’s academic landscape. Renowned not only for its exceptional education, but also for its affordability, scholarship opportunities, lucrative job prospects, and extensive facilities, Heriot-Watt empowers students to forge successful career paths in their chosen fields. 

Established in 1821, the university has long held the belief in fostering individuals to become not just skilled professionals, but also responsible and influential individuals. Engineering and science are among the most sought-after courses offered, making Heriot-Watt an ideal option for those seeking higher education in the sciences.

Queen Margaret University

Source: Anglo UK

Initially founded as an institution exclusive to women, Queen Margaret University has evolved into one of the UK’s most prominent co-educational institutions. Notably, it’s one of the few universities in Scotland to offer a specialised course in costume design and construction. Since its inception in 1875, the university has pursued its mission of providing the best education possible in the UK. Here, students are trained and groomed not only to thrive professionally but also to contribute positively to society.

Queen Margaret University prides itself on making the learning experience as immersive and enjoyable as possible by incorporating innovative features and facilities. Students benefit from a diverse range of amenities, including food outlets, accommodation units, sports facilities, and transportation services, ensuring they can focus solely on their studies without facing any obstacles in their academic journey.

Edinburgh Napier University

Source: StudentCrowd

Founded in 1992, Edinburgh Napier University offers an affordable route to studying in Edinburgh, making it one of the cheapest universities in the city. However, affordability doesn’t mean compromise. Students can expect an enriching academic experience, cutting-edge facilities that enhance learning, lucrative post-study work opportunities, and scholarships to help cover academic expenses. If you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, Edinburgh Napier University is an excellent option.

Scotland’s Rural College SRUC

Source: SRUC

If you’re looking to pursue higher education in agriculture, animal care, biological sciences, business management, or hospitality but lack the funds for the most prestigious universities in the UK, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) is the perfect fit. Renowned for its exceptional education, SRUC offers affordable tuition fees, scholarships, placements, intensive programs, and much more. In short, SRUC is your best bet if you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality education.

SRUC prioritises both practical and theoretical learning, creating an immersive experience for students. Since its inception, the university has passionately believed in equipping students with hands-on training in fields like agriculture, animal care, and bio-science, recognizing the importance of practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge.

Cheapest University of Edinburgh: Fees, Courses, Ranking 

Refer to the table below for more detailed information on the cheapest universities in Edinburgh, including tuition fees, courses, and rankings.

Name of the University Tuition Fees For International Students (Per Annum) QS World Ranking 2024 Top Courses Minimum Requirements 
Heriot-Watt University £17,000 #235Chemical Engineering, Civil EngineeringIELTS band score of 5.5-6.5. Minimum GPA of 3.0 or above.  
Queen Margaret University UG: £16,740-£18,360PG: £15,500 – £21,875#851-900Nursing, PhysiotherapyIELTS score of 6.5 or above. 
Minimum GPA of 2.8 or above 
Edinburgh Napier University £15,222 -£22,470#800-1000Engineering, Psychology IELTS score of 5.5-6.5
University of Edinburgh UG:  £36,000PG: £36,000-£40,000#22Literature, PhilosophyMinimum GPA of 3.3 or above. 
Scotland’s Rural College SRUC£14,720 -£27,500#151-200 (by subject)Agriculture, Animal CareIELTS score of 6.5 or above.

So that was all about the cheapest universities in Edinburgh, UK. We hope the blog could have helped you clear your dilemma regarding the topic. 


Q1. What are the cheapest universities in Edinburgh?  

Ans. University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, and Queen Margaret University are some of the cheapest universities in Edinburgh.  

Q2. What is the average cost of studying in the cheapest universities in Edinburgh? 

Ans. The average cost of studying in the cheapest universities in Edinburgh, Scotland, ranges from £14,720 to £40,000. 

Q3. What is the minimum GPA required for studying at the prestigious University of Edinburgh? 

Ans. The minimum GPA for studying at the University of Edinburgh is 3.3 or higher. 

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