Cost of Living in Boston: A Guide

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cost of living in boston

Boston is one of the most-sought study destinations for Indian students. Many students enroll in universities and colleges in Boston from all over the world. Owing to its rich history, vibrant culture, and renowned and prestigious universities like MIT and Harvard, the city captures the attention of the young generation for higher education. However, residing in such a city for international students is a bit challenging since the cost of living in Boston is high, but it offers great life experiences.

As per an estimate, the cost of living in Boston is approximately around $2,286 and $2,843 per month. In comparison to the national average, the cost of living in Boston, Massachusetts is 50% higher. Though, the cost varies depending on the area, career, average salary, etc. This blog will provide you with deeper insights into the expenses and living costs in Boston.

Why Choose Boston to Study Abroad?

Boston is America’s most historic city. So, it offers a lot to international students in terms of education as well as experience. The city ranks at the top with respect to art, culture, diversity, and academics. Being a student, you must explore where to study abroad and think before you make any decision. 

Following are some benefits of choosing Boston as your study harbor: 

  • Boston is culturally diverse and if you are an art lover then you would love the place as it possesses a historic structure, museum, theatre, etc.
  • The city of Boston comprises 50 universities and colleges and more than 2 lakh 50 thousand students from all over the world visit Boston to get higher education.
  • It has a vibrant environment which makes it a favorable place for the students to live and explore.
  • Universities in Boston have a supportive campus community that will help you with career guidance and is highly involved in extracurricular activities.
  • The cost of studying at Boston University for Indian students is USD 23,500 to USD 91,500 which is equivalent to INR 19.44 to INR INR 75.71 lakhs.

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Average Tuition Fees

The average tuition fee for different levels of courses is displayed below:

Level of Courses Average tuition fee (in USD)
Bachelors 63,798 USD 
Masters 20,000 USD to 50,000 USD
PhD 28,000 USD to 55,000 USD

Cost of living in Boston

Boston is well-known for its food and nightlife scenes, as well as its historical sites and museums. It boasts a diverse mix of ethnicities and communities, as well as several opportunities for entertainment, recreation, and cultural events. However, it may be quite costly for international students, specifically for accommodation, and the weather can be tough in the winter. The average monthly cost of living in Boston, USA for students is between $2,286 (INR 187679.57) and $2,843 (INR 233409.02). Overall, being an international student living in Boston may be a tough yet satisfying experience.

Highlights of the major expenses that may incur while living in Boston students:

Type of Expense Monthly Cost (in Dollars)
On-Campus Accommodation $1,251
Off-Campus Accommodation $1,808
Food cost $406
Transportation Expense $132
Entertainment Annual Cost of Living in Boston
Utility cost $181
Sum total Cost of Living in On-Campus Accommodation $2,286
Sum total Cost of Living in Off-Campus Accommodation $2,843
Health Insurance  $80
Annual Cost of living in Boston $34116

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Transportation & commutation

Being a student it is very important to try to save money so that you can reduce the cost of living in Boston. There are numerous modes of transportation in Boston and some of them along with the prices are summarized below. You can refer them to plan your study abroad. The prices may vary based on time and distance:

Mode of transportation Fare (in Dollar) Cost (in INR)
New car  $24,934.50 Volkswagen Golf INR 2045511.80
Bus $1.70 (single trip) INR 139.46
Subway (T) $2.40 (one-way) INR 196.89
Commuter rail $2.25 – $12.50 (single trip) INR 184.58- INR 1025.46
Student transportation semester pass $299 per semester INR 24529.08 per semester
Car (rental) $40-$80 (per day) INR 3281.48- INR 6562.96
Walking  NA NA
Personal Bicycle Fare (in Dollars) NA
Hubway/sharing bikes $10-$20 (daily pass) INR 820.37- INR 1640.74
Uber $10-$30 (average trip) INR 820.37- INR 2461.11


One of the major portions of the high cost of living in Boston is the cost of food. As Boston is a very lively place filled with cultural diversity, it attracts students from all over the world. Various expensive and inexpensive restaurants are being operated in the city. Being a student it would be hard on you to spend money outside for daily meals. You can buy groceries and cook your own meal to save the extra cost.

Following is the list of food items and the prices:

Food Cost (in Dollar) Cost (in INR)
Cost (in Dollars) $12 984.44
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant $24 1968.89
Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course meal for 2 persons $100 8203.70
Cappuccino (regular) $5.05 414.29
Milk (regular), (1 liter)  $1.16 95.16
Water (0.33 liter bottle)  $2.26 185.40
Fresh White Bread (500g) $4.32 354.40
Rice (1 kg) $4.75 389.68

Utility Bill/Expenses

Some basic utilities include wifi bill, mobile recharge, electricity bill, water bill, garbage disposals, etc. Here is a list of expenses on a monthly basis:

Monthly plan of mobile phone $43 INR 3527.59
Internet (unlimited data access, speed 60 Mbps or more) $64.46 INR 5288.11
Basic  $194.80 INR 15980.82

Entertainment/Recreation/Hangout places

Some of the entertainment/recreation/hangout places in Boston are listed below:

  • Freedom Trail
  • Fenway Park
  • Boston Common and Public Garden
  • Newbury Street
  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • New England Aquarium
  • Boston Harbor Islands
  • In the cinema, the cost of 1 seat is $15.


You can get housing or student accommodation in Boston but the rental prices inside the city are a bit high as it is an expensive place. So, if you are planning to acquire higher education from Boston make sure you do the research on accommodation costs in Boston.

The average rent of a single-bedroom apartment on a monthly basis is nearly $1700 i.e. INR 139462.99 whereas, the cost of a two-bedroom apartment is $3154 on a monthly basis which is equivalent to INR 258744.86.

The following table shows the accommodation and rent of shared and private rooms:

Accommodation Rent of rooms
On-Campus Housing (Dormitory/Residence Hall) Shared Room: $500 – $1,200Private Room: $800 – $2,000
Off-Campus Shared Apartment/Room Shared Room: $500 – $1,200Private Room: $800 – $1,800

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Things to know/consider when moving to Boston

When planning to move to Boston, there are several important things to know and consider. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  1. The cost of Living in Boston is relatively high, so plan your finances.
  2. The weather could be very cold.
  3. Transportation costs are high, so use the public transportation system.
  4. As Boston is home to reputed medical hospitals and institutions, the healthcare facility is great.
  5. Most of the renowned universities are present here which makes it the most-sought city in Massachusetts.


What salary do you need to stay comfortably in Boston?

You need to earn approximately 5,658.04 $ after tax deduction on a monthly basis to live comfortably in Boston. In a year, a person must earn around $80,000 to live a comfortable life.

What is the overall cost of living in Boston?

As per an estimate, the overall cost of living in Boston for a single person is 1,353.3$ per month without rent.

What is the average monthly cost to live in Boston?

The average monthly expenditure of a student in Boston is between $2,286 and $2,843. Overall, being a foreign student in Boston may be a tough yet worthwhile experience.

This was all about the Cost of living in Boston. If you are aspiring to study in Boston then contact Leverage Edu where our experts will help you in your study abroad journey, making it a hassle-free experience.

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