Cost of Living in Atlanta

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Cost of Living in Atlanta

Students who are applying to colleges or universities abroad are often concerned as well as confused regarding the expenses that must be handled during their stay. After already going through the tedious task of completing the admission process of foreign universities, the student might get overwhelmed to look after and calculate further expenses that will be incurred in the foreign land. To help you in case of your coming journey to Atlanta as an international student, this blog has listed down the average expenses of different categories of resources required for your stay. If you are planning or on your way to move to Atlanta, then this blog about the cost of living in Atlanta can bring much information to you!


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Why Choose Atlanta to Study Abroad?

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, one of the US states is an excellent place to study as an international student. Atlanta boasts of diverse nationalities settling or living a huge part of their lives in the city to make up their career and enjoy a comfortable life with a good atmosphere. Also, there are many other reasons why Atlanta is chosen by students from across the globe to achieve their study abroad dream.

  • Superior Quality of Education:  The place has more than 15 universities and is one of the most excellent education hubs in the country, providing opportunities to diverse backgrounds of students and making them succeed in life.
  • High Exposure to Good Jobs:  Atlanta is home to many big corporations which helps students to acknowledge and explore the diverse fields of opportunities and make them figure out their choices earnestly.
  • Challenging: Getting through a good college and studying around the best minds as peers and colleagues might be overwhelming initially, but in the long run, the student will get a broader perspective and understanding of life through various mirrors of knowledge. The brightest minds can be contagious yet challenging but will leave the students better to go through their careers and life. 
  • Best Universities: Atlanta has some of the top-ranked universities and colleges in the US where the students will get excellent faculties with amazing course outlines, along with extra-curricular exposure to train them for the future world of employment and leadership.
  • Amazing Weather: Atlanta has one of the best weather almost all around the year which can be highly preferable for students.

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Cost of Living in Atlanta

An international student who is planning to move abroad for his or her studies may have many queries related to the expenses and other bills that must be paid during the stay. An international student who is going to Atlanta for their academic course must know the types of expenses that will incur during the stay and get an overall idea about the monthly or annual budget. The categories of expenses have been listed below:


Being a student who has already got many bills to pay and expenses to take care of, owning a car would be a not-so-good option, especially when the gasoline is expensive and maintenance charges could really add up to a lot. Almost all parts of Atlanta are highly connected with its public transportation system which can be really affordable to the students. The Atlanta bus system is the most preferred public transport which is linked to the region as a light rail system. For traveling through these public transport systems, it is highly recommended to get the MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit  Authority)  Breeze Card to not end up standing in a queue to get a ticket every time you ride public transport in Atlanta. 

MARTA Breeze Card cost$2
MARTA Breeze Card monthly pass cost$65-$75


The cost of food and groceries is affordable and less expensive in Atlanta than the national average. The average monthly cost that might get spent on groceries can be around $320. However, it can really depend on the kind of groceries and meals that a student would likely take, the monthly expense could be more or less. 

For students who wish to have a meal in a restaurant or are too tired of self-made food, Atlanta has good restaurants around the place. The price of the meal would depend on the aesthetics and luxury of the restaurant. A meal for a single person at an inexpensive restaurant could cost you around $15. While a 3-course meal for two persons at a good restaurant could cost up to $65.

There are following some of the best eateries in Atlanta for students:

  • Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
  • Buford Highway
  • The White Bull
  • Amalfi Pizza
  • Mary Mac’s Tea Room


The type of accommodation can vary depending on the college or universities requirements and can also vary as per the student’s preference. This category of your expense can cost you the most among all the other expenses and can also vary greatly as per its types. Accommodation types for students can vary as well as their monthly cost. Following is the list of types of accommodation that a student can get and its average monthly cost in Atlanta:

Accommodation TypesAverage Monthly cost
On-Campus accommodation$700
Off-Campus accommodation$734

Utility Bill/Expenses

Utility expenses include other types of expenses and bills that are essential for any student and must be paid on time. These can include electricity bills, internet bills, or mobile recharge bills, and can also further include your clothing or laundry costs. For a student, the average utility bill or expense can be around $250 on a monthly basis.

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Best Universities in Adelaide with Average Fees

Atlanta has some of the best-ranked universities in the world. Some of the best universities with average fees have been listed below:

University name Average fees
Georgia Institute of TechnologyUSD 50,000-55,000
Emory UniversityUSD 54,000
Spelman CollegeUSD 54,000
Morehouse School of MedicineUSD 45,000
Georgia State UniversityUSD 30,000

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Q.1. What salary do you need to live in Atlanta as a single adult?

Ans: To live in Georgia as a single adult, you need a minimum of $32,000 annually.

Q.2. What is the median salary in Atlanta?

Ans: The median salary in Atlanta is around $52,000.

Q.3. Where do most Indians live in Atlanta?

Ans: Gwinnett is the most Indian-populated region of Atlanta.

This was all related to the Cost of Living in Atlanta. If you want to know more about the Study Abroad queries, you can come in contact with the Leverage Edu team through 1800 57 2000.

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