Cost of Living in Arizona: A Guide on Expected Expenses

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Arizona is a southwestern state in the United States. It is famous for the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, pine-covered mountains, and the National Parks, which attract residents from all walks of life. Arizona has its own set of expenses and considerations regarding the cost of living in Arizona. 


In this guide, we’ll discuss various aspects of the cost of living in Arizona, such as housing, transportation, healthcare, and overall affordability. It will help you make informed decisions if you consider relocating to the beautiful city. Without further delay, let’s begin our discussion. 

Why Choose Arizona to Study Abroad?

Choosing Arizona as a destination to study abroad can be an exciting and enriching experience for students. Arizona offers international students a unique and rewarding academic culture through its educational institutions and vibrant communities. Along with affordable universities, programs in Arizona give international students an affordable cost of living in Arizona.

Arizona is home to several famous and prestigious universities, such as Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. These institutions provide their students with a rich academic environment, world-class faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. Here are some significant reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Arizona City:

Innovative University in Arizona

Arizona is home to several prestigious universities and institutes known for their innovative academic programs and excellence in research. Its Universities are ranked among the top in the US for innovation. The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs in Arizona is approximately 37,000 USD for international students. Along with this Fee, the cost of living in Arizona can be high.

High Acceptance Rates for Admissions 

In comparison to other universities in the United States, University of Arizona has the highest acceptance rate. The acceptance rate of Arizona’s University was recorded as the highest in comparison to the past few years.

Outdoor Recreation and Natural Beauty

The breathtaking natural landscapes of Arizona provide students with unparalleled outdoor recreation and exploration opportunities. Whether camping, hiking, rock climbing, or exploring ancient ruins, students can take advantage of these adventures. But these adventure opportunities are separate from the cost of living in the Arizona budget.

Networking and Career Opportunities in Arizona

Many Arizona universities have strong ties to local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organisations. These organisations provide Arizona’s students with access to internships, co-op programs, and job placement services. Additionally, students can explore career opportunities in nearby major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Cost of Living in Arizona

Arizona offers residents a diverse range of experiences and opportunities, but navigating the cost of living is an essential aspect of relocation. The average monthly cost of living in Arizona for a family of four is approximately 4,000 USD without rent, while for a single person, it is around 1,150 USD without rent. 

The cost of living in Arizona is around 6% higher than the national average in the United States. From housing costs to daily essentials, here are some factors that contribute to the cost of living in Arizona, such as monthly transport costs, Utility costs, grocery costs, and a few other essential things. Below is a breakdown of the cost of living in Arizona across various categories:

Costs of Rent in Arizona

The average cost of rent in Arizona for an apartment depends on several factors, such as location, size, lifestyle, and amenities. On average, a one-bedroom apartment in Arizona costs around 1,400 USD per month, while a three-bedroom apartment can cost up to 2,300 USD. The rental cost makes the cost of living in Arizona affordable.  The following table compares the cost of renting apartments within and outside the city centre:

Apartment LocationApprox Monthly Cost
One-bedroom Apartment in the City Centre1,576.63 USD
One-bedroom Apartment Outside of the Centre1,384.52 USD
Three-bedroom Apartment in the City Centre2,638.05 USD
Three-bedroom Apartment Outside of the Centre2,272.67 USD

Cost of Utilities in Arizona

You pay around 370 USD monthly for utilities in Arizona, including electricity, water, heating, garbage, and internet services. The cost of utilities in Arizona is relatively lower than the cost of living in Arizona. Utility costs and expenses in Arizona depend on various factors, such as energy consumption, your location, and the season. In the table below, Utility costs in Arizona are provided for your convenience:

Utility TypeApprox Monthly Cost
Basic Utility Cost (Heating, Electricity, Cooling, Water, and Garbage) (for 85m2 Apartment)241 USD
Monthly Plan of Mobile Phone with Calls and 10GB+ Data69 USD
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)73 USD

Cost of Grocery in Arizona

On average, a person’s grocery cost in Arizona might be around 100 USD per month. It depends on various factors such as location, store type, and shopping preferences. Costs in Arizona are often lower than the overall cost of living in Arizona. The average cost of groceries in Arizona includes the cost of bread, milk, water, vegetables, fruit, and other eatable items. The table below lists the average cost of groceries in Arizona: 

Grocery ItemApprox Cost
Milk (regular), (1 liter)0.93 USD
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)3.69 USD
Rice (white), (1kg)4.26 USD
Eggs (regular) (12)3.71 USD
Apples (1kg)4.51 USD
Banana (1kg)1.45 USD
Oranges (1kg)3.92 USD
Tomato (1kg)4.16 USD
Potato (1kg)2.92 USD
Onion (1kg)2.75 USD
Lettuce (1 head)1.85 USD
Water (1.5 liter bottle)2.41 USD
meat, egg, drinks and Other items61.00 USD

Restaurant Costs in Arizona 

Dining out in Arizona at restaurants offers a culinary adventure with a wide range of food options to satisfy every taste bud and budget. The average cost in restaurants for a meal is around 20 USD per person in Arizona, which will not affect the cost of living in Arizona. In the table below, we have demonstrated the average restaurant costs you can pay in the country:

Type of Restaurant Approx Cost of Meal in Restaurant
Meal for 2 person at an Inexpensive Restaurant20 USD
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course80 USD

Transportation Costs in Arizona 

Public transportation in Arizona has various means, such as streetcars, buses, and trains. The cost of fares in Arizona is around 2 USD per km. The overall cost of living in Arizona includes transportation costs, which are outlined in the table below:

Mode of TransportApprox Monthly Cost
Price of a One-way Ticket for Local Transport2 USD
Regular Price of Monthly Pass 64.00 USD
Cost of Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)3.00 USD
Cost of Taxi 1 km (Normal Tariff)1.50 USD
Cost of Taxi 1 hour Waiting (Normal Tariff)36.00 USD
Gasoline (1 litre)1.10 USD

Average Tuition Fees in Arizona

Figuring out the average tuition fees in Arizona’s Universities can be a daunting task with the cost of living in Arizona. Don’t worry; we bring it for you. The average tuition fees charged by a few Arizona universities are detailed in the table below, with program and university.

Name of UniversityApprox Tuition fees per year (for Bachelors) Approx Tuition fees per year (for Masters) 
Northern Arizona University37,000 USD45,000 USD
Arizona University25,000 USD45,000 USD
Arizona Christian University 35,000 USD65,000 USD
Arizona University Arizonapolis33,000 USD33,000 USD

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Things to Know When Moving to Arizona

If you are planning to move to Arizona, apart from the cost of living in Arizona there are various aspects that should be considered before moving there. These factors are valid even if you are moving to study or for employment purposes. Arizona is a welcoming location for international students, and here are the factors that students should know when moving to Arizona:

Environment of Arizona

The environment provided by Arizona is very pleasing. People in Arizona are known for hospitality and friendliness. Living here for expats will not make you feel far from home. Arizona’s population majorly consists of Hispanic, Native American, and Anglo influence.

Innovation Hub

Various cities of Arizona are bursting with technological and engineering advances. Phoenix, in particular, is growing as a hub for technology and innovation. It is well equipped with entrepreneurs and startups which will give you a luxurious cost of living in Arizona.

Weather in Arizona

Arizona is known for its stunning natural landscape. It is very well suited for activities like hiking, camping, and exploring the desert. Arizona has a wide desert environment, such as the Grand Canyon, Sedona’s red rocks, etc., so water conservation techniques are a crucial part of their regular activities.

Jobs in Arizona

Arizona is a hub for numerous job opportunities. With only a 3.6% unemployment rate, it is a good place to work. The average salary for a Student Worker in Arizona is 14.46 USD per hour, which helps students with their cost of living in Arizona.

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Q.1 What is the cost of living in Arizona?

Answer: For a single person living in Arizona, the monthly cost of living will be around 1,132 USD. Whereas, for a family of 5, the estimated cost goes close to 5,042 USD.

Q.2 Is Arizona expensive to live in?

Answer: Yes, when compared to the national average of the USA, the cost of living in Arizona is around 6% higher. Even though health care is around 5% cheaper, buying a house is around 18% costlier than the national average.

Q3. Is it cheaper to live in California or Arizona?

Answer: The cost of living in Arizona is lower than that of California. Various costs such as restaurants, groceries etc are higher in Arizona but renting or buying in California is around 20% higher than in Arizona.

So, this was all about the cost of living in Arizona. Many Arizona students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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