A Guide on Cost of Living in Adelaide

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Students with dreams and goals of studying abroad in their most-preferred colleges or universities are often perplexed by the humongous amount of preparation required to calculate the expenses of their study duration along with the tedious and lengthy process of admission. To make things much easier for international students who are choosing Adelaide as their study destination in the coming years or are already ready to go, this blog provides a list of expenses that are likely to be incurred by the students. If you want to know more, go through this blog till the end!  


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Why Choose Adelaide to Study Abroad?

Adelaide is not just a beautiful and clean place to enjoy but can be an excellent place to complete or continue study from. A beautiful city in mainland Australia provides many opportunities and happenings to students from across the world. There are many reasons for choosing Adelaide as your study destination. Some of the reasons have been listed below:

  1. Top Universities of the world– There are some of the best universities in Adelaide giving top-notch academic as well as research and other opportunities to students from across the world.
  2. Swift Transport System– For any student, one of the major points of concern while choosing a study destination abroad comes down to its transport system and average commute time taken during normal travel. Adelaide has an amazing transport system, excellently interlinked to its places which creates much ease for the students there.
  3. Affordability– One of the best things about Adelaide with regard to international students is its affordability. Students choosing abroad as a study destination are often concerned about their bills. Adelaide comes as one of the most affordable places for international students.
  4. Career Opportunities– The place does not fail its students to provide the best opportunities and scope for its students. The universities in Adelaide along with providing excellent academics also boast great internship, part-time and full-time opportunities for its students.
  5. Quality of Life– Adelaide ranks as one of the best places in Australia for the quality of life of its citizens. The students enjoy a life with security, good food places, high-speed internet, low-crime rates and other well-being.

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Cost of Living in Adelaide

As an international student who is planning to move to Adelaide for higher studies, you might be concerned or curious about the average cost that a student concurs while living there. The average cost of living in Adelaide as an international student can be categorized under certain categories which majorly constitute our monthly bill. The categories have been listed below with the average cost related to it summarized under each head:


Adelaide is a flat city with hardly any major traffic around the region majorly because of its well-planned transportation system. There are options that can be chosen by the student to commute from one place to another.

For traveling through public transport which includes trains, trams, and buses, Adelaide has its famous Adelaide Metro Services which includes all the public transport of the region. As an international student, you will have to issue your own Adelaide metroCard which is a rechargeable card after a certain period of travel. Students are given a good discount on availing public transport in Adelaide. 

Student 28-day pass on a MetroCard$16.50 (INR 1,352)
Student 28-day pass on a metroCard$26.50 (INR 2,172)

 For getting your student discount, you must show some ID proof as a verification process. 

This metro card in Adelaide can be used in all public transport, including trams, trains, and buses in the region. There is also the availability of free bikes from Adelaide City Bikes going from one place to another which come with a bicycle helmet.


The cost of food and groceries can vary from place to place. In Adelaide, the average amount which can be spent on food or groceries as a student is around $380 per month if you are very strict with your grocery budget and can go up to $560 per month if you are spending normally on your groceries budget. 

For students who are more likely to go out often for eating out at nearby restaurants can also range as per the luxury and aesthetics of the places. However, the average cost at restaurants by a student can be normally around $64 for a dinner of two persons in a neighbourhood.

Some of the best top restaurants that are affordable to students in Adelaide are:

  • Dine Central
  • Pondok Daun Restaurant
  • East Taste Cafe
  • Bank Street Social
  • Mandoo
  • Chinatown Cafe

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Utility Bill/Expenses

The utility expenses include electricity, gas, telephone or internet access and other expenses. These include electricity expenses of $160 to $220 per month, expenses of $80 to $160 per month for internet availability and other expenses including your clothing and other resources can go up to $ 250 per month.


The type of accommodation can vary depending on students’ preferences as well as college requirements. Accommodation usually takes a good chunk of your expenses as an international student and therefore should be considered in detail. Following can be different types of accommodation that can be chosen by the students:

  • Campus Accommodation: Usually colleges and universities in Adelaide provide residence facilities to its students in terms of hostel rooms, dormitories etc. This can be preferred immensely by international students who are not completely aware of their new destination.
  • Off-Campus Accommodation: For reasons, including not having residence facilities in college or choosing cheaper accommodation types, students often prefer accommodation near the college campus with affordable prices. This can be understood as an apartment with basic amenities like washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Share-House Accommodation: This can be the cheapest type of accommodation that can be preferred by international students. This style of accommodation provides a flat to more than one individual with the basic facilities as is present in a normal flat. This helps in splitting up the expense and bringing down the overall expenditure. 
TypeExpense incurred weekly
Campus Accommodation$250-$500
Off-Campus Accommodation$90-$280
Share-House Accommodation$85-$215

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Universities in Adelaide & Their Average Fees

The huge stress for students in terms of expenses is because of the university fees that must be paid before incurring any other expenses. Adelaide provides some of the best universities and colleges in Australia and is one of the top spots for international students. The average fees of some of the best universities in Adelaide have been listed below:

University nameAverage fees in AUDAverage fees in INR
University of Adelaide18,480-20,000 per semester10,17,456- 11,01,143
University of South Australia10,000 for 4 courses5,50,599
Flinders University31,400-40,900 annually17,28,882- 22,51,951
Carnegie Mellon University ( Australian campus)70,000- 95,000 total course fees38,54,569- 52,31,200
Torrens University80,000 total course fees40,05,222

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Q1. Is health insurance compulsory for international students to study in Australia?

Ans. Yes, for international students, it is compulsory that they submit the document showing their health insurance while applying for universities in Australia.

Q2. What is the percentage of the population of Adelaide who are Indians?

Ans. Indians constitute the highest percentage of the non-English speaking population in Adelaide, close to 3.1% of the total population.

Q3. Where do most Indians live in Adelaide?

Ans. Most Indians live in regions like Keswich, Ashford, and Marleston in Adelaide. 

This was all related to the Cost of Living in Adelaide. If you want to know more about the Study Abroad queries, you can come in contact with the Leverage Edu team at 1800 57 2000. 

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