A Comprehensive Pilot Salary in Australia for 2024 and 2025

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Pilot Salary in Australia

Are you enjoying flying to new heights and want to explore the world by flying? Becoming a pilot is one of the best career choices for you. Australia is also one of the major destinations for the aviation industry; here there are various new job opportunities for highly skilled talent. Working as a pilot is also one of the most enjoyable and rewarding opportunities in Australia, where you can earn a good salary. If you want to know how much you can expect to earn working as a pilot in Australia, you can refer to this article and get more details about the pilot salary in Australia for 2024.


What is the Average Pilot Salary in Australia?

Pilot salaries in Australia can vary depending on experience and the type of pilot job. The average pilot makes 153,700 AUD annually, or 12,808 AUD per month. This sits comfortably above the national average wage. However, salaries can range from as low as $79,600 annually (6,633 AUD monthly) for entry-level positions to a very healthy 238,200 AUD annually (19,850 AUD monthly) for highly experienced captains. So, if you’re looking for a well-paying career path, being a pilot in Australia offers strong earning potential.

Data given at the time of writing is reflected in salary figures. Pay may differ based on the recruiting company, the experience level, educational background, and geographic region of the candidate.

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Pilot Salary in Australia Based On Experience 

Australia has a vast array of training programs that support learning and hands-on experience. You may also benefit from an increase in your pay range. The table below shows you how much you may expect to make each year as your experience increases.

Pilot Salary in Australia

Pilot Salary in Australia Based on Education 

In Australia, obtaining a license through proper education and both practical and theoretical training is necessary to become a pilot. This license can also help you earn a high salary. The table below shows the expanding pay range.

Education Level Average salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma100,700 AUD
Bachelor’s Degree153,800 AUD
Master’s Degree225,500 AUD

Here are the main Factors Affecting the Average Salary in Australia in 2024

Pilot Salary in Australia Based on Organisation 

There are various flying and aviation agencies in Australia that hire pilots with a high salary range. In the below-given table, you can find a list of some of the best organizations with their salary ranges. 

Companies Average Salary Per Year 
Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia85,723 AED 
Qantas1,23,798 AED 
Virgin Australia1,75,327 AED 
Royal Australian Air Force1,36,978 AED 
Cobham1,36,920 AED 
Basair57,093 AED 
Aerometrex67,000 AED 
Australian Government, Department of Defence1,52,000 AED 
Cathay Pacific2,11,667 AED 
Chart Air69,573 AED 
Hardy aviation57,667 AED 
Jetstar Airways95,000 ADE
Air Affairs Australia2,00,000 AED
Soar Aviation65,000 AED 
CHC Helicopter69,000 AED 
Flight Training Adelaide67,000 AED 
Bruce Hartwig Flying School76,000 AED 
Aviar99,000 AED
Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology1,00,000 AED 
Jetstar Airways87,000 AED 
Regional Express1,00,000 AED 

Pilot Salary in Australia Based on Cities 

Most cities in Australia offer a good range of pay. Refer to the picture below to see what you can actually earn in which city of Australia. 

Pilot Salary in Australia

Pilot Salary in Australia Based on Positions 

Pilots can select from a wide range of feasible choices in Australia after receiving all the permits. The major piloting careers available in Australia are shown here, along with an indication of the salary ranges for each: 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Airline Pilot1,30,000 AED 
Corporate Pilot1,17,500 AED
Airplane Pilot Or Copilot96,000 AED 
Chief Pilot2,90,00 AED 
Captain91,205 AED 
Baggage Handler40,000 AED 
Flight Attendant53,354 AED 
Phone Operator46,000 AED 
Flight Instructor63,176 AED 
First Officer84,654 AED 

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Can a foreigner be a pilot in Australia?

In order to apply for an Australian CPL, international students who are converting a foreign PPL must accrue a minimum of 200 flying hours, including 100 pilot-in-command flying hours. Hours spent abroad are included in this.

Is Australia a good country to be a pilot?

With a thriving aviation sector, the nation is known for its top-notch aviation education system. The excellent training standards and top-notch facilities in Australia attract aspiring pilots from all over the world to study aviation.

Which airline pays the most in Australia?

Right now, Qantas is the airline with the highest salary. But below is a summary of the average pay made by Australia’s top airlines: Qantas pays its commercial pilots an average salary of 100,281 AUD annually, plus bonuses ranging from 2000 AUD to 38000 AUD based on the pilot’s function, location, and experience.

Is it hard to become a pilot in Australia?

The duration may vary from three years to six months. Finding a good flight school, such as Holmes Institute Aviation, that can guide you through the entire process and get you in the air, is essential for a lot of things. Visit our website to learn more about our flying classes.

This was all about the pilot salary in Australia for 2024. If you want to read more such guides on salaries for different professions, you can follow Leverage Edu and our official page Jobs Abroad for the latest updates. 

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