Oklahoma State University PA Programme

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Oklahoma State University PA Program

Oklahoma State University PA Programme: The Physician Assistant Program at Oklahoma State University aims at providing students with a complete and comprehensive understanding of Patient Health Care. Therefore, individuals who wish to bring a change in society by aiding people are encouraged to opt for the programme at Oklahoma State University. 


The job role of a PA requires an individual to perform diagnosis, treat people suffering from ailments, interpret tests, counsel people on preventive health care and assist in surgeries. Hence, the course here is designed to shape young minds into individuals who are capable enough to handle any dire medical emergency. 

The programme lasts 28 months, in which the initial 13 months are dedicated to an individual’s didactic training. Besides, students who complete the course can expect to receive a Master of Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Read the article to know more about the Oklahoma State University PA Programme. 

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Oklahoma State University PA Programme Overview

The Physician Assistant Programme at Oklahoma State University is designed to equip students with adequate knowledge and expertise in the domain of health care services. Furthermore, the PA programme at the said institution is currently accredited by the ARC-PA (Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant).

This insinuates that students will be provided with exceptional PA education that has been assessed or evaluated by a certified body. Also, the ARC-PA ensures that the courses authorised under its patronage maintain their quality.  

The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Medical Knowledge, Clinical Reasoning, Problem-Solving Abilities, Interpersonal Skills, Professional Behaviour, and Clinical & Technical Skills. And so, students intending to pursue the said programme can expect to learn a lot about: 

  • Biomedical, clinical, social, and behavioural sciences.
  • Application of medical knowledge. 
  • Disease prevention strategies. 
  • Application of clinical knowledge to patient care. 
  • Performing physical examinations, appropriately ordering, and interpreting diagnostic studies. 
  • Creating differential diagnoses and formulating assessments.
  • Developing treatment plans for acute, chronic, and emerging diseases.
  • Developing effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Adhering to legal and regulatory requirements specific to state practice laws.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in medical and surgical procedural skills. 

Oklahoma State University PA Programme Curriculum 

The duration of this course at Oklahoma State University is 28 months. The initial 13 months of the stated programme are dedicated to an individual’s scholastic training. The rest of the programme covers a student’s clinical training. Since the programme reflects the concept of collaborative learning, the majority of the course curriculum is taught alongside students from other academic programmes on campus. 

The programme encompasses 124 total credit hours. The OSU PA Programme does not consider applicants seeking advanced placement due to the consecutive nature of the present curriculum. 

Scholastic Curriculum

The educational curriculum encompasses in-class lectures that are designed to equip students with practical knowledge of clinical services. 

Clinical Curriculum

The clinical curriculum commences from the Fall II Semester and continues till graduation. It consists of 15-four week rotations and seven additional rotations along with medical and surgery electives. 

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Oklahoma State University Tuition Fees

Individuals intending to pursue a PA Degree course from Oklahoma State University must get acquainted with the institution’s tuition fees. The tabulated data below will help you go through the tuition fees. 

Detail(s) Year 1Year 2Year 3
Total Tuition Fees Per Year (For Resident Students)$16,809.22/ INR 13.8 Lakhs $16,719.22/ INR 13.7 Lakhs $8,399.61/ INR 6.9 Lakhs 
Total Tuition Fees Per Year (For Non-Resident students) $32,809.22/ INR 27 Lakhs $32,719.22/ INR 26.8 Lakhs $16,399.61/ INR 13 Lakhs 
Program Total Tuition and Fees (For resident students) $41,928.05 (Total)/ INR 34.4 Lakhs
Program Total Tuition and Fees (for non-resident students) $81,928.05 (Total)/ INR 67.2 Lakhs 
Academic Records$80.00/ INR 6,567$80.00/ INR 6,567$40.00/ INR 3,283
Security Services$144.00/ INR 11,821$144.00/  INR 11,821
$72.00/ INR 5,910
Clinical Skills Equipment$432.00/ INR 35,465$432.00/ INR 35,465$216.00/ INR 17,732
Activity Fee$185.22/ INR 15,187$185.22/  INR 15,187$92.61/ INR 7,602
Health Fee$128.00/ INR 10,000$128.00/ INR 10,000$64.00/ INR 5,254

Oklahoma State University Application and Important Dates

Individuals who wish to apply for the PA Programme at Oklahoma State University must register by 1st October 2023. Also, aspirants are required to use the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants commonly referred to as CASPA. 

OSU PA Programme Application

Aspirants can refer to the following steps to apply for the PA Programme at the institution.

  • Firstly, aspirants must complete the CASPA application. 
  • Additionally, Applicants must attest their letters of recommendation (three) and personal essays (two). 
  • Furthermore, it is critical for applicants to pay the requisite fee to ensure a successful and seamless registration process. 
  • Lastly, one must complete the Altus suite. Also, the suite is responsible for assessing an individual’s non-cognitive skills. 

Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants must meet the following list of prerequisites in order to be considered eligible for the said programme at OSU. 

  • Firstly, candidates must be holding a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. 
  • Also, the applicant must have acquired a total cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. 
  • Lastly, the candidate must have completed any of the major prerequisite courses with a minimum B grade. 


Does the Oklahoma State University  PA programme require GRE?

Individuals planning to pursue a PA programme at Oklahoma State University are not required to take the GRE Test to apply for the programme.

What is the duration of the PA programme at Oklahoma State University?

The PA programme at Oklahoma State University is conducted for 28 months.

What is the deadline for applying to OSU’s  PA Programme? 

Individuals who wish to apply for the PA Programme at Oklahoma State University must register by 1st October 2023.

So, the PA Programme at Oklahoma State University is one of the most sought-after courses at the institution. Also, the course is designed to hone one’s knowledge and skills in various disciplines of health care services.

Therefore, individuals who wish to lay a solid foundation for themselves in the stated field are encouraged to apply for the PA programme at the said institution. Summing up, OSU can be a gateway for many who aspire to pave their career paths in the direction of health care services. 

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