Average Pre ACT Score for a Sophomore: What is a Good ACT Score, Preparation Tips, Best ACT Prep Books

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Students aspiring to attend top universities or colleges abroad for their sophomore year can submit their best ACT scores for admissions. The average ACT score for sophomores at most ACT-accepting universities abroad typically falls within the range of 18 to 20. While achieving a score within this range can undoubtedly enhance your chances of admission to your desired institution, striving for an ACT score that exceeds this average range can give you a competitive edge and ensure that your application stands out among the pool of candidates.To know more about the average pre-ACT score for a sophomore, read the entire article. 

Name of the TestACT
Conducted By8 (For national students) and 6 (For international students) 
Types of QuestionsMCQ
ModeComputer-based/ Pen-Paper
Age Limit 13 Years and above
Frequency 8 (For national students)6 (For international students) 
Duration2 Hours 55 Minutes 

What is a Good ACT Score for a Sophomore? 

Students seeking admission to top universities abroad for their sophomore year should aim for a score of 18-20 on the ACT test. This scoring range is statistically average for 10th graders and is fairly attainable. However, to impress admissions committees, students should strive for a 75-95 percentile score. For instance, a score of 24 will place you in the 75th percentile, while a score of 31 will put you in the 95th percentile. Achieving such a score on the ACT will demonstrate your exceptional academic prowess, aptitude, and competence for thriving in the rigorous academic culture of foreign institutions as a sophomore. 

If your first attempt yields a score of 18 or 19, don’t worry. As a sophomore, you still have time to retake the exam and achieve a 75-95 percentile score.  While aiming for such a high score may seem gargantuan, with proper preparation, practice, hard work, and dedication, you can definitely reach your goal.

Tips to Improve ACT Score as a Sophomore

Securing ACT scores within a range of 24-31, or even 18-20 (average ACT) for that matter, is not an easy feat to achieve for many. Achieving such a target requires meticulous planning and preparation and can only be accomplished if you are diligent enough in your preparations. Streamlining, creating, and adhering to a viable study plan is imperative for sophomores to score better in their ACT exams. Doing so will not only provide you with a hassle-free study experience but will also help you declutter the unnecessary confusion made during the last minute and will give you enough time for your revisions. Apart from a well-made study plan, there are a few other things that you must keep in mind to score better in your ACT.

  • Don’t leave anything for the last minute. Begin your preparations early to allow ample time for thorough revisions. Dedicate at least 6-8 months to comprehensive ACT exam preparation, avoiding last-minute cramming.
  • Address your weaknesses by solving more sample papers. This will not only let you identify and rectify errors but will also instill confidence in tackling challenging questions. Make use of sample papers, study guides, and online prep courses to better understand the exam and its nuances.
  • Go through the exam format of the ACT to gain insights into the exam’s nitty-gritties. Doing so will also help you get well-versed in the past year’s trends, frequently asked questions and their types, and question difficulty levels of the exam.
  • Revision is crucial for ACT success. Thoroughly revise topics before attempting the ACT exam.
  • Enrich your English vocabulary and grammar by reading books daily. You can also watch or listen to English content to expand your vocabulary. Doing so will not only strengthen your understanding of contextual usage but also enable effective application in real-world scenarios.
  • Work on your time management by setting timers during your preparations. This will come in handy during the actual ACT exam. Not only that but abiding by such practices will even enhance your overall speed and accuracy for tackling questions.

Best ACT Prep Books for Sophomores 

Refer to the following table to go through the list of the best ACT prep books for sophomores. These books are designed to help you get a comprehensive understanding of the exam and its nuances. 

Name of the Book Name of the Author/Publisher PricePurchase Link 
The Official ACT Prep Guide 2022-2023ACTINR 3,251Click Here 
ACT PREMIUM STUDY GUIDEBrain StewartINR 6,317Click Here 
Princeton Review ACT Premium PrepPrinceton Review INR 1,411Click Here 
The ACT Prep Black BookMike BarrettINR 5,001Click Here 
Up Your Score ACTChris ArpINR 1,500Click Here 
Barron’S Act 36 With Online TestAnn SummersINR 959Click Here 
Ultimate Guide to the Math ACTRichard F CornINR 1,776Click Here 
Top 50 ACT Math SkillsBrian Leaf INR 1,237Click Here 
The Complete Guide to ACT EnglishErica Lynn INR 4,540Click Here 
The Complete Guide to ACT ReadingErica Lynn INR 4,697Click Here 
The PrepScholar Guide to ACT ScienceFred Zhang INR 355Click Here 
ACT Science Tutor Prep BookTest Prep Books INR 5,217Barron’s Act 36 With Online Test

So, that’s all about the average PreACT score required for a sophomore. To summarize, the average Pre ACT score for a sophomore abroad is 18-20. Securing a score within this range can definitely bolster your chances of getting admitted to your desired college or university abroad for your sophomore year. I hope this blog has helped to declutter your confusion pertaining to the topic of ACT for sophomores.

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Q1. What is the average ACT score for sophomores? 

Ans: The average ACT scoring range for sophomores is 18-20. 

Q2. What is a good ACT score for sophomores? 

Ans: Scores ranging from 24-31 are generally good for sophomores. 

Q3. How long does a sophomore need to study for the ACT?

Ans: It can take around one to six months for a sophomore to prepare for the ACT exam. 

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