PTE Daily Essay Topic: Many people think that regions affect successful people.

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PTE Daily Essay Topic: Many people think that regions affect successful people.

Q. Many people think that regions affect successful people. What is your opinion about the native region and the accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to?

Ans. The influence of a native place on an accomplished person is a complex interplay. While some believe a specific region dictates success, the reality is more nuanced. A person’s hometown undoubtedly shapes them, but its influence can be both a springboard and a hurdle.


One of the most significant ways a native place fosters success is by nurturing talents and fostering ambition. A region rich in artistic traditions, for example, might expose a young person to music or dance, igniting a lifelong passion. Similarly, a community that values entrepreneurship could inspire a child to dream of building their own business. The values, resources, and role models a place provides can plant the seeds of ambition and equip individuals with the skills to pursue them.

However, a native place can also present limitations. Limited access to quality education or a lack of diversity in career opportunities can restrict an individual’s potential. Societal expectations and ingrained mindsets can sometimes discourage exploration or innovation. In such cases, leaving one’s hometown can be crucial for growth. Many successful figures, like Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who left his small California town to pursue his vision in Silicon Valley, illustrate this point.

Ultimately, the influence of a native place is a dynamic interplay of opportunity and constraint. It shapes dreams, provides resources, and sometimes presents obstacles. Successful individuals recognize both sides of this coin. They leverage the strengths of their background while acknowledging its limitations. Their success, in turn, can inspire others from their region, paving the way for a future generation of accomplished individuals.

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