Duolingo Daily Topic: Speaking Task 16 (Speak about the image for 90 seconds)

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Duolingo Daily Topic: Speaking Task 16 (Speak about the image for 90 seconds)

In the Duolingo English Test, the “Speak about the Photo” question evaluates your English proficiency in describing and interpreting an image. During this task, you’ll view a picture for 20 seconds before the recording starts automatically. Then, you’ll have 0.5 to 1.5 minutes to speak about the photo. Remember, you only get one chance to record your answer.


Q1. Speak about the photo for about 90 seconds.

Ans. This image captures the vibrant lights of the stadium lights where a fierce rugby match is being played. There are two teams, one of them is wearing a white uniform and the other team is in green.  One white-clad player grapples with a green adversary, clutching the ball tightly. The determination in his eyes is clear, brows furrowed in concentration as he fights to maintain possession. His face is flushed with effort, beads of sweat visible on his forehead. The green-clad opponent mirrors his intensity, muscles tensed, jaw clenched, and eyes locked on the ball with a fierce resolve.

Q2. Speak about the photo for about 90 seconds.

Ans. The photo captures a classroom where all the students are prepared to take an exam. In the frame, a young man wearing a denim jacket over a maroon t-shirt is seated at a desk and smiling, indicating a positive or successful outcome. The background suggests a focused and studious environment at a university during exam time.

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