Average ACT Score for Vanderbilt: Average ACT Requirement and Best ACT Prep Books 

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Average ACT Score for Vanderbilt: Securing and submitting an average ACT score of 34 can significantly enhance your chances of gaining admission to Vanderbilt University. While achieving such a score may be challenging for some, it is attainable through dedicated preparation and thorough training. The minimum ACT score requirement for Vanderbilt is 33-35. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of Vanderbilt’s average ACT score, refer to this detailed blog post.

Name of the University Vanderbilt University 
ACT Requirement 33-35
Average ACT 34
Rank # 261  in QS World Ranking 2024
Acceptance Rate 7.1 %
Minimum GPA 3.83 or higher

What is the Average ACT Score for Vanderbilt?  

Vanderbilt University’s average ACT score requirement is 34. While scoring an average of 34 can slightly improve your chances of admission, aiming above the average range is highly recommended to secure your place among the selected candidates.

Specifically, achieving an ACT score between 35 and 36 will place you within the 75th percentile, indicating that you have outperformed a significant portion of the applicant pool and are well-prepared for Vanderbilt’s demanding academic environment.

ACT Score Analysis for Vanderbilt University 

As mentioned previously, a score of 35-36 will place you in the 75th percentile range, thereby enhancing your chances of acceptance and positioning you favorably for admission. Securing a score within this range will distinguish your application from the rest of the competitive pool, garnering the attention of the admissions committee. Conversely, a score of 32-33 will place you in the 25th percentile, which is often considered average by Vanderbilt’s standards. This is primarily because scoring in the 25th percentile on the ACT test places you among a broad group of applicants, as such scores are readily attainable by many and do not make your application stand out to the admissions committee. Such a percentile range can, in turn, diminish your overall prospects of admission into the university’s rigorous undergraduate programs.

Best ACT Prep Books to Score Higher for Vanderbilt 

Securing ACT scores within a range of 33-35 may seem challenging to some at first glance. However, with prior preparation and with the help of the best preparation books, you can definitely achieve good scores in the ACT exam. Here are some of the best ACT prep books to help you score better ACT scores for Vanderbilt University. 

Name of the Book Name of the Author/Publisher PricePurchase Link 
The Official ACT Prep Guide 2022-2023ACTINR 3,251Click Here 
ACT PREMIUM STUDY GUIDEBrain StewartINR 6,317Click Here 
Princeton Review ACT Premium PrepPrinceton Review INR 1,411Click Here 
Ultimate Guide to the Math ACTRichard F CornINR 1,776Click Here 
The Official ACT English GuideACTINR 1,530Click Here 
ACT Science Tutor Prep BookTest Prep Books INR 5,217Click Here 

Vanderbilt University, a highly regarded academic institution in the United States, accepts ACT scores between 33 and 35 for admission purposes. It serves as an excellent stepping stone for those seeking higher education in America. The university is stringent about its admissions and accepts only those students who have an exceptional academic track record.

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Q1. What is the average ACT score for Vanderbilt? 

Ans: The Average ACT score for Vanderbilt is 34. 

Q2. What is the minimum ACT score for Vanderbilt University?   

Ans: The minimum ACT score requirement for Vanderbilt is 33-35. 

Q3. What is the minimum GPA for Vanderbilt University? 

Ans: The acceptance rate of Vanderbilt University is 3.83.

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