Noun Starting With M: List of Words with Examples

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Noun Starting with M

Noun Starting With M: Nouns are the important parts of speech whose understanding is important as it is one of the basics of English Grammar. There are several nouns in English grammar which start with M and have unique meanings.  Nouns refer to the idea, person, place or thing. It has a primary function of working as the subject’s sentence. Nouns can also take actions as direct objects. Additionally, it can occur at any part of the sentence. In this blog, we will discuss some of the nouns starting with M which you can use in the sentences. 

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When we talk about popular nouns starting with M there are so many that you can use in your sentences. Here, we have compiled a list of commonly used words starting with the letter M. You can download the list and keep it for reference.

Noun starting with M

Different Types of Nouns Starting with M

There are several types of Nouns in English Grammar that show different meanings of words. Noun acts as a direct, indirect object, or subject. Nouns are present in many sentences and have a unique role in each. Here, are some different types of nouns starting with M which you can use in the sentences.

Abstract Noun Starting With M

An abstract noun is a type of noun that denotes a state, quality or idea rather than a solid object. They are words that cannot be touched, smelled, seen or perceived. In the table below, the list of all the Abstract Nouns starting with M with the meanings and examples. 

Nouns Starting with MMeaning/ExplanationExamples
MadnessIt is a state where somebody becomes mad. A behaviour that is foolishly done or not appropriate in a situation. The idea of walking on the broken bridge was total madness
MythThe myth is a story that explains a social phenomenon in history that is believed by people. Prometheus and the Theft of Fire” is a famous myth in Greek mythology. 
MurderIt is a crime that is committed when you deliberately kill someone.The accused was charged with a brutal murder on the Lombard Street.
MondayA day which is considered to be the second day of the week and comes after Sunday.  He will be arriving by train on Monday evening.
MysterySuspense that is difficult to understand as well as explain to others. The movie was full of mystery and wonders.
MoodThe state of mind keeps on changing according to the situation. The teacher was in a great mood so allowed the students to play in the garden. 
MemoryThe power of collection of all the information of the past, present and future in the mind. The incident of last December is still in his memory.
MightIt is the possibility that something is going to happen or be done. This might be his last match playing for Liverpool.
MissionAn important task is given to an individual or a group for accomplishment. The secret agent completed the mission in just a month.
MockeryTeasing with insulting behaviour towards an individual or a thing.They make a complete mockery of the rules. 

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Compound Noun Starting with M

The Compound Noun is a type which combines two or more words that are already present. It comes together with other nouns or any parts of speech to form a compound one. In the given table, is the list of Compound nouns starting with M along with meanings and examples. 

Nouns Starting with MMeaning/ExplanationExamples
MadhouseA place or scene of utmost confusion where there is no control. Without the teacher, the class was a complete madhouse of the chaos created by students.
ManhoodThe state or condition of a person where he becomes a man rather than a child. The young man has to kill the wild boar to prove his manhood in front of the villagers.
MatchmakerA person who arranges a match between two unmarried individuals bringing them together. The Matchmaker app built by college students is perfect for finding the right partner.
MatchbookA small box of cardboard that contains matches inside it. They have one box of matchbook left in their bag.
MasterpieceAn outstanding work of skill, artistry, or workmanship that is extraordinary.The movie was a perfect masterpiece for the young audience.
MastermindA person who plans some
activity in detail to execute it successfully.
Tom was the mastermind behind the murder that took place at the old mansion.
ManpowerIt is a group of people working together on a task to
complete it.
A lot of manpower is required to build the clock tower in one month.
MarkupThe process of the correction
of the text for the preparation
to print. 
There is a markup of 12% on the shoes.
MarketplaceThe search for the criminal
takes place after the crime gets committed.
Amazon is an online marketplace where you can buy different products.
ManhuntThe search for the criminal
takes place after the crime gets committed.
The police gave the order to close the streets after the manhunt began. 

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Concrete Nouns Starting with M

A Concrete noun is a type that can be understood with the five senses such as sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. 

Nouns Starting with MMeaning/ExplanationExamples
Magnet A piece of metal that has the highest level of attraction that can attract iron and steel.The magnet got stuck upon the iron rod.
MachineAn apparatus that uses mechanical power and has several parts with different functions. The boy washed all their clothes through the washing machine
MailboxA public box where all the
letters are placed for delivery and pickup. 
There was no letter in the mailbox when Harry checked it. 
MarbleThe white Hard crystalline form of limestone which are used in architecture.He has used marble for flooring in his house.
MapThe diagrammatic
representation of the area showcasing land,
countries, sea, cities etc.
The man used the map to find the route to the city. 
MealThe time of the day when
a large amount of food is eaten. 
The woman prepared the meal for her whole family.
MaskThe covering that covers
all parts of the face is used to hide it or as a disguise.
The city is so polluted that most people have to wear masks.
MelodyA melody is a group of notes
that is used in music and is so much satisfying. 
The children’s song has an iconic melody in it that is unmatched.
MonumentA structure or building that has some historical significance to celebrate an event or a person. The Statue of Unity is the tallest monument in the world.
Milk Milk is a white liquid that is produced by some mammals. It is a high source of protein, calcium, minerals etc. making it suitable for drinking. Coconut milk is one of the varieties of plant-based milk.

Nouns Starting with M to Describe a Person with Examples

When you are describing a person and are on the lookout for words starting with the letter M, then worry not as we have got you. Through these, you can easily explain the personality and behaviour of the person. Moreover, these words describe the positive or negative qualities of the person and have a wide range of words. Check out the words along with meaning and examples starting with M that will describe a person.

MagicianThe person who performs magic tricks to entertain others. The magician impressed the children present in the show with his tricks.
MentorAn experienced advisor who guides you through a task.Steve Jobs was a mentor of Mark Zuckerberg during his early days.
MotivatorA person who motivates others by giving life lessons or accomplishing a task.His mother was his biggest motivator during bad times.
MakerA person who produces or makes something.John was a talented maker of delicious breads and cakes.
MartyrA person who sacrifices their lives without compromising the moral values and principles.The soldier became a martyr fighting for his country.
ManufacturerA person who produces finished goods by using different tools and methods from the raw materials.They are the leading manufacturer of footwear in the country. 
MediatorThe person who resolves the conflicts between two groups or individuals in a conflict.The teacher became a mediator in the fight between the two groups.
MuseA muse is a person who is a source of inspiration to you.His father was his biggest muse at work.
MeddlerA person who tries to have influence on things that is not their responsibility.You will be in trouble soon if you continuously try to be a meddler
MiserA person who has enough
wealth but uses very little of it. 
The miser hides his wallet as he does not want to contribute to the party. 

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Sentences on Nouns Starting with M

Now, that you have understood Nouns starting with M, you must also be familiar with how they can be used in the construction of sentences. Let’s check out some of the sentences on Nouns starting with the letter M.

  • He behaved with his teacher in a bad manner in the class.
  • This is his personal matter so he does not want to have any interference in it.
  • The market was crowded during the festival season. 
  • He could not reply to the mail sent by his daughter.
  • Drake was reading the magazine at the barber’s shop.

Noun Starting with M – Download PDF

To help you remember all the nouns starting with M, here we have compiled the list of Nouns starting with M which you can download and use for future use.

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What are some nouns that start with the letter M?

Some of the nouns starting with the letter M are Magic, Major, Mail, Magnanimity, Management, etc.

What are some of the 4 letter M words?

Some of the four-letter M words are Moon, Moth, Maid, Mist, Memo, Mace, Mass, Mark etc.

What are some helpful M words?

Some of the helpful M words are Magnificent, Main, Magnetic, Majestic, Machine, Magnanimous, etc.

This was all about the “nouns starting with M.” Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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