What is the Noun of High? Check Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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The abstract noun of high is ‘height’ which has several different meanings depending on the sentence. One of the most common meanings of this word is ‘the distance from the bottom to the top of something.’ While, common synonyms of this word are altitude, elevation, tallness, stature, peak, summit etc; you will explore more meanings of this word as you read this blog.

To understand more about the noun ‘high’, make sure you continue reading this blog post.

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What is the Abstract Noun of High? – Meaning & Origin

Now that you are aware that the abstract noun of ‘high’ is ‘height’. You must also know that this word also refers to the intensity or importance of something. We all know that this word is used to measure something, it refers to the vertical extent of something. Height is usually measured in linear units like meters, feet, or inches.

The word “height” has a long and interesting history, tracing back to the roots of the Germanic languages. In Old English, the word appeared as “hīehþu” or “hēahþu.” This word had a broader meaning, encompassing both the “highest part or point” (like a summit) and the concept of “heavens” or “heaven.”

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Synonyms of Abstract Noun of High

As discussed above, the noun word ‘high’ i.e. ‘height’ has several synonyms which can be easily used in your writing and in communicating. Let’s take a look at some of the most common synonyms for this word which will help you in increasing your English vocabulary.

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Pictures of Abstract Noun of High

To help you with more, here is a picture of some more common words for the noun of ‘high’ i.e. ‘height’. After going through this picture you will be able to use them in constructing meaningful sentences or in communicating. You can save and download this picture and keep it for future reference. 

synonyms of high

Examples of High as a Noun in Sentences

Now that you know the noun form of ‘high’, you must now be familiar with how this word can be used in the sentences. Check out all the sentences which will give you an idea and you can create one yourself. 

  • The bookshelf needs to be at a comfortable height to reach the top shelf.
  • Her career reached new heights after winning the award.
  • The child’s height is measured at every doctor’s visit.
  • There’s a significant height difference between the two buildings.
  • They hiked to the breathtaking height of the mountain peak.

Noun Quiz

Now, it’s time to test your knowledge! Here is a small quiz that we have compiled to test how much you have learned about this noun. 

  1. The  _______ of the tree made it difficult to see the power lines above.

a) width  b) color  c) height  d) texture

  1. Due to the low ________ of the bridge, tall ships couldn’t pass underneath.

a) depth  b) distance  c) height  d) weight

  1. I used a ladder to reach the  _______ bookshelf.

a) length  b) height  c) depth  d) location

  1. The hikers admired the majestic  _______ of the waterfall.

a) speed  b) sound  c) height  d) force

Check Your Answers!

  1. Height
  2. Height
  3. Height
  4. Height
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