9+ Verbal Noun Examples That You Must Know!

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Verbal noun examples: Verbal Nouns are those which are derived from a verb. It shows all the properties of ordinary nouns and no properties of verbs. When studying nouns, it is very important to understand all about verbal nouns which are part of the English vocabulary. A verbal noun can also have plural forms just like a noun. To learn more about verbal nouns, continue reading this blog. 

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What are Verbal Nouns?

A simple definition of a verbal noun would be like this. A verbal noun is a noun that is derived from a noun. It might retain some of the characteristics of the verb from where it has been derived. This could include, being able to take direct objects and being modified by adverbs. Although they generally work as nouns rather than verbs. There are cases when verbal nouns can take the plural form, determiners and even adjectives, just like other nouns. 

However, if you are a grammar nazi, then you might have a different definition of it. It would be like, verbs-like derived words that can function as nouns. You would believe that verbal nouns are those which include no-verb-like properties. 

Verbal Nouns also known as gerunds or verbal substantives, are formed from verbs and function as nouns in a sentence. 

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Types of Verbal Nouns

Verbal noun exists in three forms, let’s have a look at each one of them:

  • Gerund: In this, the word always ends with ‘-ing’ and acts as a noun while keeping some verb-like qualities. Example: Eating healthy keeps one fit.
  • Infinitive: This is introduced by the word ‘to’ and used to express purpose or intention. Example: He wants to learn a new language.
  • Verb Participle: It acts like an adjective while keeping verb-like characteristics. For example: He avoided listening to her mother. 

9+ Examples of Verbal Nouns

Here are a few examples of each type of verbal noun that you should look at.


VerbVerbal NounExample in a Sentence
To build BuildingThe money will be used for constructing that building
To runRunningRunning is a good exercise.
To SwimSwimmingSwimming in the lake is prohibited.
To writeWritingJulie is writing very nicely.
To paintPainting His favourite hobby is painting landscapes.
To travelTravellingTravelling broadens one’s perspective on the world.
To learn LearningLearning new languages is intellectually stimulating.

Here are some more examples on verbal nouns which must know:

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Verbal Noun Exercises With Answers

Exercise 1: Identify the verbal noun (gerund) in each sentence.

  1. Swimming is my favourite hobby.
    Answer: Swimming
  2. Reading books helps improve vocabulary.
    Answer: Reading
  3. Running is a good form of exercise.
    Answer: Running
  4. Writing requires creativity and skill.
    Answer: Writing
  5. Playing video games all day is not productive.
    Answer: Playing

Exercise 2: Change the following sentences by replacing the underlined verbs with gerunds.

  1. She sings beautifully.
    Revised: She enjoys singing beautifully.
  2. They play football every weekend.
    Revised: They enjoy playing football every weekend.
  3. He paints portraits in his free time.
    Revised: He enjoys painting portraits in his free time.
  4. Sarah dances gracefully.
    Revised: Sarah enjoys dancing gracefully.
  5. They study hard for their exams.
    Revised: They focus on studying hard for their exams.


What is the example of a verbal noun?

Examples of verbal nouns include talking, preaching, lecturing, chatting etc.

What is a verbal noun?

A verbal noun is a verb form that is not being used with a verb. They can act as adjectives, nouns or adverbs.

What is a gerund?

A gerund is a noun when ‘-ing’- is added at the end of the word and can be the subject of a clause. 

We hope this blog on verbal noun examples provided you with all the relevant information. To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out our Learn English page and don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu.

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