35+ Nouns Starting with K with Meaning and Examples [with PDF]

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Nouns Starting with K: In the realm of English grammar, there are several nouns that begin with letters from a to z that one must know. But before we begin do you know what are nouns? Well, they are naming words which are the very first part of the speech that are used to name people, places, animals, objects and ideas. Commonly used nouns beginning with K are karaoke, kaleidoscope, Kale, Kingdom, and many more. To help you, we have compiled a blog on the list of nouns starting with K. 

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To begin with the list of nouns starting with the letter K, we have compiled a quick list which provides all the commonly used words. You can download this list and keep it to yourself for future reference. 

Nouns starting with K

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Different Types of Nouns Starting with the Letter K 

As discussed nouns are also known as naming words but they are of various types. To help you out, we have compiled a list of nouns starting with the letter K based on types of nouns such as common nouns, abstract nouns, concrete and compound nouns. Below you will individual tables having definitions, words and meanings. 

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Abstract Nouns Starting with K

Abstract nouns refer to concepts, ideas, conditions or qualities that cannot be perceived with the five senses. They are used to denote intangible things such as emotions or personality traits. Below is a table which lists all the abstract nouns that can be used with meaning and examples. 

Nouns Starting with KMeaning/ExplanationExamples
KnowledgeIt refers to the understanding, awareness, or familiarity acquired through learning, experience, or study.Knowledge is the key to success; the more you learn and understand, the better equipped you are to navigate life’s challenges.
KinshipThis refers to the relationship between two individuals who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption. The strong sense of kinship among the members of the small village made it feel like one big extended family, always there to support and care for each other through thick and thin.
KindnessIt refers to the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate towards others, often shown through acts of compassion, empathy, and goodwill.Her kindness knew no bounds; she always went out of her way to help those in need, no matter how small the gesture.
KingshipKingship refers to the position, authority, or state of being a king. After years of war and turmoil, peace finally descended upon the kingdom with the beginning of his kingship.
KismetIt refers to fate or destiny, often seen as something that is predetermined. Despite their different paths, they found themselves seated next to each other on the plane as if it were kismet bringing them together.
KnaveryIt refers to deceitful or dishonest behaviour, often associated with trickery or mischief.Despite his charming demeanour, his reputation for knavery preceded him, causing many to approach him with caution.
KudosIt means to praise, honour, or recognition for an achievement or accomplishment. Kudos to Jane for completing the marathon despite the challenging weather conditions.
KineticsIt refers to the branch of science or physics that deals with the study of the forces acting on bodies or systems in motion.Understanding the kinetics of a chemical reaction is essential for predicting how fast the reaction will proceed under specific conditions.
KarmaOriginating from Hinduism and Buddhism. It refers to the concept of cause and effect, where actions or intentions influence future outcomes or one’s destiny. Despite his deceitful actions, he believed in the principle of karma.
KeennessIt refers to the quality of being eager, enthusiastic, or sharp.Her keenness for learning new languages was evident as she quickly grasped the pronunciation and grammar.

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Compound Nouns Starting with K

Compound Nouns are formed by combining two words or two nouns to form a new word. These nouns are used to identify a class of people, a particular name or class of places. Now that you are familiar with what are compound nouns, below you will find the list of compound nouns starting with K. 

Nouns Starting with KMeaning/ExplanationExamples
KeepsakeIt refers to an item kept or given to someone to remember a person, place, or event. He cherished the small locket as a keepsake, a reminder of her grandmother’s love and the precious memories they shared together.
KickoffIt refers to the action of kicking the ball to start the game or to resume play after a goal has been scored.After the coin toss, the visiting team elected to receive, and the home team prepared for the kickoff to start the game.
KeyholeThe keyhole is a small, often circular aperture in a door or lock into which a key is inserted to open or lock.She peered through the keyhole, trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening inside the room 
KneepadA kneepad is a protective gear worn over the knee to shield it from impact or injury, commonly used in sports like basketball, and volleyball.Before hitting the skatepark, Jack made sure to put on his kneepads to protect his knees.
KneecapThe kneecap, also known as the patella, is a small, flat, triangular bone located in front of the knee joint.She fell hard on the pavement, scraping her kneecap and causing it to swell.
KnuckleheadIt is used to describe someone who is foolish, silly, or lacking in intelligence.Despite his best efforts, Joe couldn’t help but feel like a knucklehead after realizing he had forgotten his keys for the third time that week.
KickstandA device, typically attached to a bicycle or motorcycle, that supports the vehicle in an upright position when it is stationary.Before parking his motorcycle, Jack extended the kickstand to ensure it remained stable and upright.
KeyboardAn input device for a computer or other electronic devices consists of a set of keys that are typically arranged in a specific layout.She typed furiously on the keyboard, racing against the deadline to finish her report.
KettlebellA type of weight training equipment resembling a cannonball with a handle. After warming up with some stretches, she swung the kettlebell overhead, feeling the burn in her arms and core.
KeychainA keychain is a small chain or ring, typically made of metal, that holds keys together for convenience and security.She attached her house key to a colourful keychain adorned with small charms, making it easier to find in her purse.

Concrete Nouns Starting with K

Concrete Nouns are those nouns which refer to things that can be perceived by the senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell). 

Nouns Starting with KMeaning/ExplanationExamples
KittenIt refers to a young domestic cat, that is not even one year old. The playful kitten chased after a ball of yarn, pouncing on it with excitement.
KioskA kiosk is a small, enclosed structure often used for selling goods or providing information.I stopped at the beachside kiosk to buy an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.
KnobA rounded handle or projection, typically on a door or drawer, that is used for opening, closing, or turning.She turned the knob on the door and stepped into the brightly lit room.
KneecapA small, flat, triangular bone located in front of the knee joint.After falling on the pavement, he felt a sharp pain in his kneecap and knew he had injured it.
KeyboardAn input device commonly found on computers consists of a set of keys used for typing words.She furiously typed her report using a keyboard.
KangarooA native animal from Australia, known to have powerful hind legs, has a pouch where they keep children.The children were excited to see a kangaroo hopping through the bush.
KettleA metal or ceramic container where one can store liquids. She placed the kettle on the stove and filled it with water to make a cup of hot tea.
KeyA small metal instrument used for opening locked doors. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the key to unlock the door. 
KiteA lightweight paper material that is flown in the air by attaching a string at the end.The kids fly kites on the Republic Day.
KnifeA sharp instrument used for cutting, typically made of a blade and a handle.She carefully sliced the vegetables with a sharp knife to prepare dinner for her family.

Nouns Starting with K to Describe a Person with Examples

In the diverse landscape of English Grammar, one must know that several nouns start with K which can also be used in describing a person. Check out the table below to find out all the nouns that can be used. 

Nouns Meaning/ExplanationExamples
KnowledgeableIt is an adjective that describes someone who has a deep understanding or expertise in a particular subject or field.Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable about ancient history, often impressing her peers and teachers.
KindheartedIt describes someone who is gentle, considerate, and compassionate towards others. Sarah always found time to help those in need, earning a reputation in the community as a truly kindhearted individual.
KeeperA person who manages or looks after something or someone.After adopting the stray cat, Sarah became its devoted keeper, ensuring it had a warm bed and plenty of food every day.
KindIt is used to describe someone who is compassionate, generous, or helpful towards others.She was always so kind, offering to help anyone in need without hesitation.
KookyIt means eccentric, strange, or unconventional in a whimsical or amusing way.Her kooky sense of fashion always turns heads wherever she goes, but she doesn’t mind the attention.
KnightA person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch or other leader.The king bestowed upon him the title of a knight for his unwavering loyalty and valor on the battlefield.
KlutzIt refers to a clumsy or awkward person who often has accidents due to their lack of coordination or gracefulness.Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t help but knock over the vase with his clumsy movements, confirming his reputation as the family klutz.
Know-it-all A person who behaves as though they have comprehensive knowledge about everything, often exhibits arrogance or an overbearing attitude due to their perceived intelligence.Even though Tom was just a freshman in college, he often came across as a know-it-all, always interrupting others to assert his supposed expertise on various subjects.
KinIt refers to one’s family or relatives, including both blood relations and those related by marriage.After the fire destroyed their home, they found solace in the support of their friends and kin who rallied around them.
KingA male monarch, a ruler of a kingdom or an independent state, typically inherited through hereditary succession. The king ruled over his kingdom with wisdom and benevolence, earning the respect and admiration of his subjects.

Sentences on Nouns Starting with K 

Now that we have mentioned several nouns starting with K, you must also be familiar with how they can be used in the construction of sentences. Check out some example sentences on nouns starting with the letter K. 

  • The kangaroo hopped quickly across the open field.
  • She always keeps her keys in a small bowl by the door.
  • The kite soared high in the sky, guided by the child’s steady hand.
  • He sharpened the knife before starting to prepare dinner.
  • The kitten played with a ball of yarn, amusing everyone around.

Nouns Starting with K – Download PDF

To help you remember the list of all types of nouns starting with K, we have compiled a list which you can download and keep for future reference.


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What are some nouns that start with the letter K?

Nouns starting with K include Key, Kite, Kitten, Kind, King, Kick, Kit, Kingdom etc.

What are some of the 4 letter K words?

Words that start with the letter K are King, Know, Knit, Kiwi, Kite, Know etc. 

What are some helpful K words?

Some of the helpful words that start with the letter K are Kindness, Knowledgeable, Kudos, Kids, Karma, Kiss, Kinship etc. 

This was all about the nouns starting with K. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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