35+ Nouns Starting with A with Examples to Enhance Your Grammar

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Nouns starting with A

Nouns Starting with A: English is a vast language in which several types of nouns begin with the letters A to Z which everyone must be aware of. Before we move ahead, are you aware of what are nouns? For all those who aren’t aware, they are words that are given to name people, places, feelings and others. Some of the commonly used nouns starting with the letter A are: album, Amsterdam, apple, assistant, and anticipation among others. To help you more with such words, we have compiled a blog post with a list of nouns starting with the letter A. 

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To begin with, here is the list of nouns beginning with the letter A. Below we have compiled a list of some of the commonly used words. You can save this list for future reference.

Nouns Starting with A

Different Types of Nouns Starting with the Letter A

As we discussed above, nouns are the building blocks of any sentence. These include the names of people, places, or things. They act as the who, what, or where in your writing. They are of several types such as proper nouns, common nouns and abstract nouns among others. which we have discussed below. Look below to find out the list of nouns under each type.

Proper Nouns that Start with A

Proper nouns are special kinds of nouns that single out a specific person, place, or thing. They act like name tags in a sentence, and that’s why we capitalize them to distinguish them from regular nouns. Below is the list of abstract nouns that begin with the letter A along with the examples. 

Nouns Starting with AExamples
ArgentinaArgentina, famed for its tango dancing and delicious steaks, is a South American country known for its diverse landscapes.
AustraliaAustralia’s vast outback is home to unique wildlife like kangaroos and koalas.
AustriaAustria, a landlocked country in Central Europe, is famous for its stunning Alpine scenery.
AmsterdamAmsterdam, famed for its canals and artistic heritage, is a vibrant city in the Netherlands.
AthensSteeped in history, Athens boasts the iconic Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
AtlantaBustling Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is a centre for culture, business, and Southern hospitality.
Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein, a renowned physicist, revolutionized our understanding of space, time, and gravity.
Angelina JolieActress Angelina Jolie is known for both her captivating film performances and her humanitarian work.
Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, led the country through the Civil War and issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
AppleAn apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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Common Nouns that Start with A

As the name suggests, common nouns refer to the names of persons, things, places, names and animals. These are nouns which are referred to as the daily common objects. Look at the table below to check out all the common nouns that you must know. 

Nouns Starting with AExamples
ActorThe aspiring actor practised her lines in front of the mirror, determined to land the lead role.
AppleThe juicy apple crunched satisfyingly in her teeth.
AeroplaneThe aeroplane soared through the clouds, carrying hundreds of passengers towards their destinations.
ApartmentWith the scent of fresh paint in the air, she eagerly unlocked the door to her new sunny apartment.
AnimalDon’t be such an animal; use your manners!
AssistantThe friendly assistant patiently answered all my questions about the new product line.
AvenueThe leafy avenue provided a welcome escape from the summer heat.
AlarmThe blaring alarm clock jolted her awake, reminding her of the important meeting she had that morning.
AudienceThe comedian captivated the audience with his witty jokes.
AlbumHer favourite photo album overflowed with memories of childhood vacations.

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Abstract Nouns that Start with A

Abstract noun, on the other hand, refers to the concepts where the five senses are involved. These include the ability to see, smell, touch or experience in the physical dimension. To help you with more examples of abstract nouns, check out the table below. 

Nouns Starting with AExamples
AnticipationButterflies fluttered in her stomach with anticipation as she waited for the test results.
AdmirationThe young gymnast couldn’t help but gaze in admiration at the gold medalist’s flawless routine.
AdorationThe child gazed at the butterfly with wide eyes filled with adoration.
AmusementHer smile widened with amusement as he fumbled with his words.
AwarenessMeditation can help increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings.
AspirationFueled by her aspiration to become a doctor, Maria spent countless hours studying late into the night.
AnxietyThe tight deadline caused a knot of anxiety to form in her stomach.
AchievementScaling Mount Everest was a remarkable achievement of human endurance.
AmbitionFueled by ambition, the young chef dreamt of one day owning a Michelin-starred restaurant.
AngerThe simmering anger in her voice betrayed her attempt to appear calm.
AweGazing at the Milky Way, they stood in speechless awe of the universe’s vastness.

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Nouns Starting with A to Describe a Person with Examples

English is a diverse language, and one must be aware of the several nouns that start with the letter A. Below is the table mentioning all the nouns that are used in describing a person. 

ActorAn actor is a person who performs in plays, movies, television shows, or other forms of entertainment. The actor delivered a compelling performance in the play.
AchieverIt refers to a person who attains a high level of success or accomplishment in their endeavours. She is an achiever who always meets her goals.
ActivistA person who actively promotes, advocates for, or works towards a particular cause or set of causes, often related to social, political, environmental, or economic issues.The activists organized a peaceful protest.
ArtistAn artist is a person who creates art, which can encompass a wide range of forms and mediumsThe artist is known for his unique style.
AmbassadorIt refers to an official representative of a country who is sent to a foreign nation to represent their home country.The ambassador represented her country at the international conference.
AdvocateAn advocate is someone who publicly supports a particular cause or an idea. She is a strong advocate for human rights.
AdventurerAn adventurer is a person who seeks out and undertakes exciting, risky, or daring activities or experiences.He’s an adventurer who loves exploring new places.
AdvisorAn advisor is a person who provides expert advice or guidance in a particular field. The advisor gave valuable guidance to the students.
AthleteAn athlete is an individual who is trained or skilled in sports, exercises etc.The athlete won several medals in the competition.
AuthorAn author is someone who creates written works such as books, articles, essays, poems etc.The author published a best-selling novel.
Source: Learn English

Sentences of Nouns Starting with A 

By now you are aware of all the noun words that start with the letter A which will help in the construction of sentences. Similarly, check out some of the sentences that have some of these nouns starting with A. 

  • The aeroplane landed smoothly on the runway.
  • The astronaut floated weightlessly in the International Space Station.
  • The artist painted a beautiful mural on the wall.
  • The author signed copies of her new book at the bookstore.
  • An ant carried a crumb across the picnic table.

Nouns Starting with A- Download PDF

We know by now you must be exhausted after going through the list of words or rather nouns starting with A. Don’t worry, to make things easier for you we have compiled a list which you can download and keep for future reference.

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What are the nouns beginning with the letter A?

Some of the nouns starting with the letter A include: Aeroplane, album, apple, astronaut, activist, anticipation, actor, achiever, audience, admiration etc. 

What are positive nouns that start with A?

Common positive nouns that start with the letter A are: achievement, affection, alliance, ambassador, amity, angel and several others.

What loving words start with A?

Some loving words that begin with the letter A are: Adorable, Affectionate, Angelic, Amorous, Amazing etc.

This was all about the nouns starting with A and their meaning with examples. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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