What is the Noun of Wide? Check Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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The abstract noun of ‘wide’ is ‘wideness’ which refers to the property of being wide or having great width. Some common synonyms of widen as a noun include: adequateness, ampleness, broadness, and comprehensiveness among others which will be stated below in the blog. If you are looking for further information about the noun ‘wideness’, its meaning as well as synonyms along with a quiz to test yourself, this is the blog for you. 

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What is the Abstract Noun of Wide? – Meaning & Origin

You must be aware that the abstract noun of ‘wide’ is ‘wideness’. This word has several meanings, depending on what you’re describing. If you are talking about physical measurement, then it refers to something having a large distance from one side to another. Sometimes, it can also indicate intensity or extent. 

The origin of the word ‘wideness’ dates back to the Old English period (before 1150). This means it was formed within English itself, not borrowed from another language. Old English had two forms: “wīdnes” and “wīdness,” both meaning “width” or “wideness.”

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Synonyms of Abstract Noun of Wide

Below is a list of synonyms for the abstract noun of wide which will give you an idea of the similar words that you can use alongside this word. 


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Pictures of Abstract Noun of Wide

If you are looking for more similar words for the noun form of wide, then you must refer to the picture below which will provide you with more synonyms for the word ‘wideness’. Make sure you save and download this picture and keep it for future reference. 

synonyms of wide

Examples of Wide as Noun in Sentences

By now you must be aware of the noun of wide and its noun form. It’s now time to find out how this word can be used in sentences which we have prepared for you. After going through the same, you will get an idea for creating more sentences. 

  • The wideness of the canyon floor stretched for miles.
  • She admired the wideness of her pupils reflected in the mirror, a sign of true wonder.
  • Despite years of practice, the pianist still struggled to achieve the desired wideness of sound in his chords.
  • The wideness of their cultural differences initially caused challenges but eventually fostered a deeper understanding.
  • The artist used bold strokes to capture the wideness of the open sea, creating a sense of endless possibility.

Noun Quiz

It’s time to test your knowledge of nouns of wide. To help you, we have prepared a small quiz which will help you get to know your level for this topic. 

  1. What is the most common noun used to refer to the measurement of something from side to side?

a) Wideness

b) Width  

c) Expanse

  1. In a less frequent situation, “wide” itself can be used as a noun to describe:

a) A narrow opening

b) The state of being wide  

c) A type of fabric

  1. Which word is a synonym for “wideness”?

a) Narrowness  

b) Breadth  

c) Depth

  1. The sentence “The bridge’s vastness made us feel small” could also be written as:

a) The bridge’s wideness made us feel small. 

b) The bridge’s width made us feel small.

c) Neither  (Both “wideness” and “width” can work in this context, though “wideness” is less common.)

  1. Width
  2. The state of being wide
  3. Breadth
  4. The bridge’s wideness made us feel small. 
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This was all about the noun of wide and their meaning, synonyms and examples. Hopefully, you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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