39+ Nouns Starting with D You Must Know to Improvise Your English (Download PDF)

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Nouns Starting with D

Noun Starting with D: English is a complex language, and a sentence is made up of nouns, verbs, and several other words. Speaking of nouns, there are many, to the point they begin with the letter A to Z. However, today we will be talking about nouns that start with the letter D. But before we move ahead, do you what are nouns? They are words which give names to objects, people, places animals etc. Some common examples of nouns include: dog, door, Dallas, desk, discipline, devotion etc. Continue reading this blog post as we will be talking more about the nouns starting with D along with PDF and sample sentences. 

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List of 30+ Nouns Starting with D

You must be wondering about the words that begin with the letter D. Check out this PDF to get clarity on all the nouns beginning with this letter. You will be astonished to find some of these commonly used words. Make sure you save this PDF and keep it for future reference.

Nouns Starting with D

Different Types of Nouns Starting with the Letter D

By now you must be aware of what are nouns. These are building blocks which act like bricks to make a complete sentence. They are the words that name or identify people, places, things, ideas, or animals. In this, there are several types of nouns, such as proper nouns, common nouns, and abstract nouns to name a few. Take a look at these nouns starting with the letter D. 

Proper Nouns

Proper nouns are special kinds of nouns that single out specific people, places, or things. Unlike common nouns which refer to general categories, proper nouns give a unique name to something.

Proper Noun Starting with DExamples
DavidDavid is a talented musician and skilled warrior.
DianaPrincess Diana, known for her humanitarian work and timeless elegance, remains an enduring icon of compassion and grace worldwide.
DenverDenver is known as the “Mile-High City” due to its elevation of exactly one mile above sea level.
DallasDallas, known for its vibrant arts scene and rich cultural heritage, is a major city in Texas that attracts millions of visitors each year.
DubaiDubai is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates, known for its futuristic architecture, and luxury shopping.
DisneyDisney, one of the most iconic entertainment companies in the world, is renowned for its beloved animated films, theme parks, and characters such as Mickey Mouse and Cinderella.
DellDell, a multinational computer technology company, is renowned for its innovative personal computers, software etc.
DiorDior, a renowned French luxury fashion house, is celebrated for its high-quality couture, perfumes, and accessories
Dunkin’ DonutsDunkin’ Donuts, known for its wide variety of coffee and baked goods, has become a popular spot for quick breakfasts and snacks across the globe.
Domino’s PizzaDomino’s Pizza is known for its wide variety of delicious pizzas delivered hot and fresh to your door.

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Common Nouns that Start with D

As you can make out from the name, common nouns are the workhorses of our language. They’re the words we use to refer to general people, places, things, and ideas. 

Common Noun Starting with DExamples
DogThe dog wagged its tail happily as it fetched the ball.
DoorThe cat scratched at the door, eager to come inside.
DeskThe cluttered desk held stacks of papers and a neatly arranged row of pens.
DollarThe dollar is the primary currency used in the United States.
DoctorThe doctor carefully examined the patients.
DarknessDarkness enveloped the forest, cloaking everything in a deep, impenetrable shadow.
DictionaryThe dictionary is a valuable resource for finding definitions and meanings of words.
DaffodilEvery spring, daffodils brighten gardens with their cheerful yellow blooms.
DanceDance is a universal language that expresses emotions through movement.
DrumsHis fingers danced across the drums, filling the room with rhythmic beats.

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Abstract Nouns that Start with D

Abstract nouns are words that refer to ideas or concepts that cannot be perceived by the five senses. Unlike concrete nouns, these are words which can be touched, tasted, smelled, or heard.

Abstract Noun Starting with DExamples
DisciplineDiscipline is the key to achieving one’s goals and maintaining order in daily life.
DisappointmentHis face showed clear disappointment when he realized the event was cancelled.
DevotionHer unwavering devotion to her family was evident in every action she took
DisbeliefHer face showed disbelief when she heard the news.
DespairHer eyes reflected deep despair after hearing the news of her loss.
DangerDanger lurked in the shadows of the abandoned building.
DignityHer refusal to compromise her dignity earned her admiration from everyone.
DeterminationHer determination to succeed propelled her through every obstacle.
DiscretionUsing discretion, he carefully chose his words before speaking.
DoubtDoubt clouded her decision, making her hesitate before leaping.

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Nouns Starting with D to Describe a Person

Are you looking for words or rather that start with the letter D to describe a person? Well, below we have compiled a list of words which you can use to describe a person. 

DazzlingIt is something extremely bright, impressive, or striking, often in a way that captivates attention or causes admiration.The fireworks display was dazzling, filling the night sky with bursts of vibrant colours.
DedicatedIt suggests a strong commitment, loyalty, or exclusive allocation to a specific task, person, or purpose.He is a dedicated teacher who spends countless hours preparing lessons for his students.
DashingIt primarily refers to someone’s appearance or in a stylish manner.He made a dashing entrance at the party, turning heads with his impeccable style.
DelightfulIt describes something that causes great pleasure or enjoyment. The delightful aroma of freshly baked bread filled the kitchen, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.
DreamySomeone having qualities related to dreams or as being characterized by a dream-like state. The sunset over the ocean created a dreamy atmosphere on the beach.
DecentIt suggests that someone or something is of acceptable quality but not outstanding. He made a decent living working as a freelance writer.
DauntlessSomeone fearless, courageous or showing bravery during difficult times. Her dauntless courage inspired everyone around her to face their fears head-on.
DiligenceIt refers to careful and persistent work or effort. Someone who shows attention to minute details. His diligence in studying every night paid off when he aced the exam.
DecentIt typically means conforming to accepted standards of morality, propriety, or good taste. He always strives to be a decent person, treating others with kindness and respect.
DelicateSomeone or something too fragile to handle.The delicate flower petals fluttered in the breeze, showcasing their fragile beauty.

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Example Sentences

Now that you are aware of all the types of nouns starting with the letter D, take a look at those nouns 

  • The friendly dog eagerly wagged its tail when its owner returned home.
  • She opened the door and stepped into the bright, sunlit room.
  • They enjoyed a delicious dinner together at their favourite restaurant.
  • The dance troupe performed an exquisite ballet routine on stage.
  • His dream of travelling the world finally came true after years of saving money.

Words Starting with D- Download PDF

By now, you must be fully aware of all the nouns beginning with the letter D be proper nouns, common nouns etc. At the same time, you must also be confused. Don’t worry, we have got you as we have prepared a PDF of all nouns beginning with this letter. Make sure you download it and save it for future reference.

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What noun starts with the letter D?

Some examples of nouns starting with the letter D include devotion, dog, dear, door, dedication, dignity etc. 

What are some 8-letter words that start with D?

8-letter words starting with D include Dabbings, Dabblers, Dabsters, Dactylic etc.

What are nouns?

Nouns are building blocks of words which make the sentence. They are words that name specific people, places, things, ideas and animals. 

This was all about the “nouns starting with D and their meaning with examples.” Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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