World Pneumonia Day 2023: Date, Theme, and Significance

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World Pneumonia Day is an annual event celebrated every year with the motto of eradicating pneumonia. As many as 100 organisations joined the campaign representing the necessity to eradicate pneumonia through the Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia. The main objective behind celebrating this day is to Stop Pneumonia, Every Breathe Counts, and Every Action Matters. As per an estimate by the Stop Pneumonia organization, in 2009, around 2.5 million people died due to pneumonia, including 6,72,000 children. Stay tuned and read this article to know when do we celebrate World Pneumonia Day, its theme, and its significance!

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🫁When is World Pneumonia Day Celebrated?

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Pneumonia is a severe lung infection caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Its causative agent is Streptococcus pneumonia. In this disease, the air sacs present in the lungs get with water and pus which causes difficulty in breathing. It is a life-threatening disease affecting children and adults.

Owing to the severity of this disease, 12 November is celebrated as World Pneumonia Day. according to the statistics, half of the population affected by pneumonia i.e. 1.6 million people belong to the higher age group affected due to pollution

As per the demographics, the population belonging to lower-middle-income countries such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America along with 11 countries are highly affected by Pneumonia. 

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World Pneumonia Day 2023: History

The World Pneumonia Day was initiated by Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia (GCAP) on 12 November 2009. That was the first time, the world celebrated pneumonia day. On this special day, almost 100 organisations joined to support the mission of reducing child death due to pneumonia as well as other preventable diseases. 

The goal of this day is to reduce the death numbers due to pneumonia to zero by 2030. Since the launch of Pneumonia Day, it has been celebrated to raise awareness among society about the severity of the disease and the preventive measures and treatments available for it. 

Here are some important years of development and evolution of World Pneumonia Day:

2009GCAP launches World Pneumonia Day on 12 November.
2010WHO and UNICEF presented the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia (GAPP)
2011GCAP launched the “Every Breath Counts” campaign.
2017GCAP launched the “Every Child, Every Breath” campaign

NOTE: In 2021, the death rate increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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World Pneumonia Day Theme 2023

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The theme for World Pneumonia Day 2023 is not released yet. But the main objective behind this day is to spread awareness in society about pneumonia and prevent the death of children below age the age of 5. Pneumonia can be prevented, every breath counts, and every action matters, so it is important for all to join in the campaign and fight against pneumonia. 

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Significance of the Day

Pneumonia is a treatable disease. So, a special day is dedicated i.e. 12 November to celebrate World Pneumonia Day. This day holds a major significance in medical science. It is a day to support a campaign or motive against pneumonia.

Due to high death rates due to pneumonia, there is an urgency to fight against this deadly respiratory disorder and reduce the death rates in children and adults. 

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Why do we celebrate World Pneumonia Day?

World Pneumonia Day is celebrated on 12 November every year to spread awareness among society to stop pneumonia because every breath counts and every action matters. This day is celebrated to bring the communities together that are involved in public health, climate, and air quality.

What is the theme of World Pneumonia Day 2023?

The theme for World Pneumonia Day 2023 has yet to be declared. However, its theme generally focuses on removing pneumonia and decreasing the death rate in children due to pneumonia. 

When was the first Pneumonia Day?

The first Pneumonia Day was observed on 12 November 2009. It was initiated with the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia (GCAP) to raise awareness against a serious illness pneumonia, which was the leading cause of death in children below 5 years. 

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