International Translation Day 2023

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international translation day

Translators bridge the gap between different cultures and connect them together. To celebrate the noble profession of translation the world celebrates International Translation Day on 30 September on an annual basis. The language translators assist people belonging to different cultures and languages in communicating with each other. Here in this blog, we have comprehended the theme and significance of International Translation Day 2023. Stay tuned and continue reading!

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International Translation Day 2023

Here is an overview of the ITD 2023:

DayInternational Translation Day
Founded on 1953
Established byInternational Fedreartion of Translators
Celebrated on 30 September
ThemeTranslation unveils the many Faces of humanity


ITD was established by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) in 1953. The organization chose 30 September to celebrate the exceptional work of linguistic translators and honour Saint Jerome, a Christian scholar and translator who is considered the patron saint of translators. He belongs to North-eastern Italy, belonging to Illyrian ancestry. St. Jerome speaks the Illyrian dialect.

Saint Jerome’s most famous translation work is the Vulgate. It is a Latin version of the Bible, which had a profound impact on Christianity and Western culture. He also translated sections of the Hebrew Gospel into Greek.

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Theme of International Translation Day 2023

The FIT council sets a theme every year for the ITD. The theme for this year’s ITD is Translation unveils the many faces of humanity. FIT also released a poster with the current theme that is dedicated to variable human faces and stories made visible through translation.

Previous Year Themes

2022A world without barriers
2021United in Translation
2020Finding the words for a world in crisis
2019Translation and Indigenous Languages
2018Translation and Diversity
2017Translation and diversity
2016Connecting worlds
2015The changing face of translation and interpreting

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International Translation Day
Source: International Federation of Translators

Role of Translator

Language rights are one of the human rights. Every individual in this world has the right to speak their language. However, there exists a huge diversity of languages among the people based on geographical boundaries. Here comes the role of translators and interpreters. 

Translators assist two parties belonging to different cultures and languages in communicating in hardship, and crisis. Professional translators acquire education in humanities and have in-depth knowledge about cultural, political, ethical, and unethical issues. Besides that, a translator has deep care for the work they deliver and the people they assist. 

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Mentioned below is the purpose of celebrating International Translation Day:

  • Promoting Language Diversity.
  • Enabling the importance of Translation in making Global connections.
  • Empowering Literature and Arts.

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Q1. Why do we celebrate International Translation Day?

A1. We celebrate this day on 30 September every year to honor the translators in the world. The work of language translators is recognized and honored as they play a crucial role in translating dialogue between major to minor country meetings. Translators also contribute to the development and establishment of relations between countries. 

Q2. What is the theme for International Translation Day 2023?

A2. The International Federation of Translators has revealed the theme for this year’s ITD which is “Translation unveils the many Faces of humanity”.

Q3. Who started International Translation Day?

A3. Established in 1953, the International Federation of Translators started celebrating ITD in 1991 to honour and promote the recognition of people belonging to the translation sector across the world.

That was all about International Translation Day 2023. For more such trending events, keep reading our important days blogs on Leverage Edu to stay informed about the news and important dates in the world of education!

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