World Rabies Day: Theme, History and More

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world rabies day

World Rabies Day is an opportunity to spread awareness among the community about the oldest and deadliest disease. Rabies is a global health observance, and the day was initiated in 2007 to prevent and control rabies. The Rabies Day is celebrated annually on 28th September. Several deaths have been observed across the world due to rabies. 

Some of the organizations working together to fight against rabies and reduce the death rates due to rabies are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization (WHO), the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH), and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Stay tuned and explore this blog to know more about World Rabies Day!

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World Rabies Day 2023: Overview

Every year 28 September Rabies Day is celebrated to mark the significance of the ongoing battle against rabies. This year, the rabies day will be celebrated with a specific theme keeping in mind the health of all. It is an international campaign led by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, which is a non-profit organization. Its headquarters is located in the United States.

Here is a brief overview:

EventWorld Rabies Day
Date28 September
Founded on2007
First Rabies Vaccine Formulated byLouis Pasteur
PurposeRaise Awareness about rabies
Organizations involvedWHO, World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH), Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC), and many others.

This day is also dedicated to the death anniversary of Louis Pasteur. He was the French chemist and the microbiologist who invented and formulated the first anti-rabies vaccine.

Rabies is mostly found in wildlife as compared to other domestic animals because domestic pets i.e. dogs and cats are generally vaccinated. The best way to prevent rabies is to keep dogs and cats vaccinated to eliminate the death rates.

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World Rabies Day Theme 2023

The theme for this year is “All for 1, One Health for all.” This theme is set to emphasize the need and importance of equality. It also suggests the importance of strengthening the entire healthcare system and ensuring that, One Health is for all and not only for selected few. Commitment towards sustainable dog vaccines will help the world to fight against Rabies.

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International Rabies Day was founded to raise and spread awareness about the disease which is spread due to the rabies virus found in animals. This disease causes severe public health concerns, particularly in Asian and African countries. WHO has reported almost 60,000 deaths every year due to rabies despite the presence of vaccines. 

Mentioned below the significance of Rabies Day:

Raising awareness

 This day is denoted to spread awareness in society about the threats of rabies disease and steps that could be taken to eradicate the increasing death rates due to the disease.

Promoting Vaccination

Rabies is a 100% curable disease. Despite this, the world is witnessing deaths due to this disease. Rabies vaccination under the guidance of a registered practitioner should be used to prevent the disease. Besides that, it is also important to educate people about the Rabies vaccination.

Strengthening Collaboration

It is crucial to take cumulative steps to eliminate rabies through proper vaccination of dogs and cats. The government and the non-governmental organizations, as well as the animal welfare department, takes the responsibility to conduct campaign for rabies vaccination and prevent the disease. 

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Q1. Why is September 28th a Rabies Day?

A. On this day the French chemist and microbiologist Louis Parker died who formulated the vaccine against the rabies virus. So, 28 September is celebrated as World Rabies Day to spread awareness against rabies.

Q2. What is the theme for World Rabies Day 2023?

A. The theme for the 17th International Rabies Day 2023 is  “All for 1, One Health for all”.

Q3. What is the aim of World Rabies Day?

A. It aims to spread awareness about the seriousness of Rabies and bring together the partners involved to work in synergy to take action and eliminate the death rate against rabies.

That was all about World Rabies Day 2023. For more such trending events, keep reading our important days blogs on Leverage Edu to stay informed about the news and important dates in the world of education!

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