šŸ§ National Epilepsy Day 2023: Date, Theme, History, and SignificanceĀ 

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National Epilepsy Day

Epilepsy is a disease associated with the malfunctioning of the brain cells. It is a chronic non-communicable disease that may affect people of various ages. This disease is one of the most common neurological disorders affecting around 50 million people in the world. Epilepsy is associated with episodes of seizures and its severity could also lead to low-grade brain tumors. As per the estimate of the World Health Organization, 70% of epileptic patients could live seizure-free if they are diagnosed and treated timely. National Epilepsy Day is dedicated to spreading awareness about epilepsy and eradicating the stigma associated with it. Stay tuned and read this article to get detailed information about this special day!

Name of the EventNational Epilepsy Day
Date17 November 2023
Initiated byThe Epilepsy Foundation of India
PurposeTo spread awareness about the disorder and to eradicate the stigma associated with talking about seizures at the public level. 

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When is National Epilepsy Day Celebrated?

National Epilepsy Day is an annual observance dedicated to raising awareness about epilepsy. It is celebrated in India on 17 November every year. This day was founded by the National Epilepsy Foundation of India. 

It is a non-profit charitable organization in India working for epileptic patients and to raise awareness among society about this neurological disease. The National Epilepsy Foundation of India was founded by Dr Nirmal Surya in 2008, in Mumbai.

Source: Medanta

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National Epilepsy Day Theme 2023

The theme for National Epilepsy Day 2023 has not been announced yet. However, the Epilepsy Foundation follows a theme which is centred on spreading knowledge about this chronic neurological illness. 

However, the theme for International Epilepsy Day 2023 is ā€œStigmaā€ which is a direct call to all the people involved in the healthcare sector whether government, patient, or doctor to remove the stigma around epilepsy and help people fight against the challenges faced by them during illness.Ā 

Previous Year Theme

Here are some previous year’s themes of National Epilepsy Day:

2022“There is no NEAM without ME”
2021“Ending Epilepsy Together”
2020“See the Person, Not the Seizure”
2019“Epilepsy: A Spectrum of Disorders”
2018“Bridging the Gaps in Epilepsy Care”

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Significance of National Epilepsy Day

Epilepsy is caused by high fever, stroke, brain injury, stress, imbalance in nerve signalling, alcohol consumption, etc. Many people are unaware of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of epilepsy. So, National Epilepsy Day holds great significance in educating people about this chronic disorder.

As per an estimate, people belonging to developing countries are more affected by this disease. You can aware people of epilepsy by talking about it in public and eradicating the stigma. 

Donate to NGOs working for the betterment of epileptic patients. The Epilepsy Foundation of India also allows you to adopt a patient for a year. You only need to donate 11,000 Rupees and 1 year of their medication and care will be provided to them to improve their condition.

Anti-epileptic drugs like sodium channel blockers, barbiturates, Calcium current inhibitors, etc are used in the treatment of epilepsy. It is advised to take the medication only when prescribed by a registered medical practitioner or a neurologist. 

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Q1. Why is National Epilepsy Day celebrated?

A1. National Epilepsy Day is celebrated in India to spread awareness about the disorder and to educate people about the treatment available to cure epilepsy. This day is also dedicated to removing the stigma associated with epilepsy in society so that every person can talk and share their experiences and help each other.Ā 

Q2. What day is World Epilepsy Day?

A2. World Epilepsy Day is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of February every year. This year, it was celebrated on 13 February 2023.

Q3. What is Epilepsy Awareness Day 2023?

A3. Epilepsy Awareness Day or the Purple Day 2023 is on 26 March. This day is dedicated to educating people about the symptoms and treatment of epilepsy. Epilepsy is associated with recurrent seizures, muscle tremors, loss of consciousness, and abnormal brain functioning.Ā 

Q4. When is National Epilepsy Month?

A4. The epilepsy foundation has announced November as National Epilepsy MOnth around the world.

Q5. When is Purple Day?

A5. Purple Day of Epilepsy will be held on 26 March 2024.

That was all about National Epilepsy Day 2023. For more such trending events, keep reading our important days blogs on Leverage Edu to stay informed about the news and important dates in the world of education!

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