World Children’s Day 2023

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World Children's Day

Do you remember the fun Children’s Day celebrations that used to happen at your school? From delicious refreshments to entertaining dance performances and games, Children’s Day is generally about celebrating the child inside us as well as the children around us! Well, it is that time of the year again, World Children’s Day 2023 is just around the corner. But do we know when was the first time World Children’s Day was celebrated and why do we celebrate it? Let’s find out!

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The History Behind World Children’s Day

The very first World Children’s Day was celebrated in 1954 and it was decided that this day will be celebrated on the 20th of November every year. It also marks the anniversary of the declaration and convention of Children’s rights by the UN General Assembly. Even though World Children’s Day is celebrated on the 20th of November, different countries have different dates for their celebration, for example – In India, we celebrate it on the 14th of November on the occasion of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday;  Australia celebrates it on the fourth Wednesday in October and in the US, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of June.

The UN General Assembly decided to celebrate this day in order to bring the children of all castes, creeds and races together. Their main aim is the welfare of children all over the world. It has been 66 years since the first World Children’s Day was celebrated and the UN General Assembly has promoted a number of causes such as HIV, Education of Children and many more.

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On the occasion of the 31st World Children’s Day that is 20th November 1989, the UN General Assembly signed a treaty with the aim of protecting the civil, health, social, economic, health, political and cultural rights of children all around the globe.

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Why do We Celebrate World Children’s Day?

World Children’s Day is an integral part of the work carried out by UNICEF to increase knowledge about the well-being of children in and around the world. Here are some of the major reasons why we celebrate this day globally.

Celebrating Our Future
It is known to everyone that children are the future of the world, they are essential for the development of the country, so it is important to impart them proper education, care and benefits in the present which is the aim behind celebrating World Children’s Day.

Rights of Children
An important reason behind celebrating World Children’s Day every year is protecting the rights of children. Unlike, adults children cannot fight for their rights, so it becomes our duty to protect them. The UN has signed many treaties and agreements to ensure that each and every child gets proper education, health care, and protection from any form of violence and discrimination.

Problems Faced by Children
Children from an inferior financial system face a lot of problems in their lives such as financial problems or healthcare problems and there is not enough conversation about it. This day is an effort to make people aware of these problems and not overlook them, instead take some steps to eradicate them.

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What are Child Rights?

Source: UNICEF

Things to Do on World Children’s Day 2023

World Children's Day 2023
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This is a day to embrace your inner child and make children around you feel special, safe and protected, but most importantly spend some quality time with them and ensure that they have a safe and successful future by providing them with all the available opportunities in the present. Here is a list of activities that you can do to celebrate World Children’s Day 2023:

Let Your Inner Kid Out!

Whether you are a parent or just an adult still figuring out the sails of life, Children’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend some great time with the children around you and feel like a kid again! You can participate in events organised by NGOs or catch up with your younger cousins and spend some time together!

World Children’s Day is a great chance to make life better for not just your child but other children too. There are many foundations and organizations that work towards making life better for underprivileged children, you can donate to these organizations and make a difference in someone’s life in your own way!

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Thus, World Children’s Day is a day to celebrate the future of this world, understanding their problems and protecting their rights. The UN General Assembly and UNICEF are trying their best to make this world a better place for children around the globe.

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What is the theme of World Children’s Day 2023?

The theme for this year’s International Children’s Day is For every child, every right.

Why is World Children’s Day celebrated?

World Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November every year to advocate the rights of children and to provide education and other help to underprivileged children in the world.

On which date is Children’s Day celebrated internationally?

Children’s Day is celebrated on 20 November every year at the International level.

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