United Nations Organization: History, Objectives and Components

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United Nations Organization

The United Nations Organisation is the most famous multilateral organisation in the world. It was officially founded on 26 October 1945 with the objective to maintain global peace & security around the world. 193 countries are members of the United Nations Organisation. India became a member of UNO on 30 October 1945.

The United Nations Organisation works for the betterment of its member countries and finds solutions to the problems in the world. The UN works according to the guidelines mentioned in its founding Charter.

What is United Nations Organisation?

After World War II on 2 September 1945 and planning for several months, countries agreed to create an international organization that work for global peace and security. With this objective, 50 countries including India signed for the formation of the United Nations Organization on 26 June 1945. Later, India became a member of UNO officially on 30 October 1945.

Facts About UNO

  • The forerunner of the United Nations was the League of Nations.
  • The name “United Nations”, was coined by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • The Headquarters of the United Nations Organization is located in New York (USA).
  • The UN Charter of 1945 is the foundational treaty of the United Nations.
  • There are 193 members of UNO with 5 permanent members.
  • USA, UK, China, Russia and France are permanent members of the United Nations Organizations.

Components of United Nations Organization

There are 6 components of the UNO that are mentioned below

  1. UN General Assembly
  2. UN Security Council
  3. UN Secretariat
  4. International Court of Justice
  5. UN Economic and Social Council
  6. UN Trusteeship Council

The above-mentioned organs of UNO make the United Nations Organization a powerful multilateral organization in the list of international organizations.

What is the Role of UNO?

The role of UNO is to make this world a better place for the living beings of the Earth. It works according to its Founding Charter to solve global problems faced by the human such as climate change, global warming, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The major roles of UNO in maintaining global peace are mentioned below.

  • To protect the rights of all Human Beings.
  • Global Peace and Security
  • Controlling global warming
  • To protect international law around the world.

Agencies of UNO

There are 17 special agencies under the components of the United Nations Organization to complete their duties. We have mentioned a list of all agencies under the UNO and their headquarters. Check the table below.

Food and Agriculture OrganizationRome, Italy
International Telecommunication UnionGeneva, Switzerland
International Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentRome, Italy
International Labour OrganizationGeneva, Switzerland
International Maritime OrganizationLondon, United Kingdom
International Monetary FundWashington, United States
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationParis, France
World Health OrganizationGeneva, Switzerland
United Nations Industrial Development OrganizationVienna, Austria
International Civil Aviation OrganizationMontreal, Canada
World Intellectual Property OrganisationGeneva, Switzerland
International Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentRome, Italy
Universal Postal UnionBern, Switzerland
International Telecommunication UnionGeneva, Switzerland
United Nations World Tourism OrganizationMadrid, Spain
World Meteorological OrganisationGeneva, Switzerland
World Bank GroupWashington, D.C, USA


Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations?

António Guterres is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations. He is the ninth Secretary-General.

What are the 6 components of UNO?

There are 6 components of UNO which are mentioned below
(1) UN General Assembly
(2) UN Security Council
(3) UN Secretariat
(4) International Court of Justice
(5) UN Economic and Social Council
(6) UN Trusteeship Council

What is the objective of UNO?

The objective of UNO is to maintain global peace and security.

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