National Press Day 2023: Date, History, Theme, and Significance

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The Press Council of India celebrates National Press Day on 16 November every year. This day is celebrated to commemorate the formation of the Press Council of India in 1966. Every year, the PCI releases a theme on which this special day is focused. The objective behind celebrating this Day is to honour the contributions of the Press Council of India and to highlight the importance of a free and independent press in India. Continue reading this blog to get further insights on National Press Day, its theme, history, and significance!

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When is National Press Day Celebrated?

National Press Day is an annual event celebrated on 20 November every year in India. It was initiated in 1966 when the Press Council of India was established. The democracy of the Nation is also dependent on the Press. This special day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of a free, fair, and independent press in India. 

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National Press Day: History

The First Press Commission of India conducted a meeting in November 1954 and discussed the need to establish a committee or a body that would be responsible for keeping the ethics of journalism. During the process, they realized that a proper managing body should be formulated to tackle the issues and problems faced by the Press. 

In November 1966, the Press Council of India was established for the proper operation of media and press and to look after the issues faced by the Press under Justice JR Mudholkar. 

The official Press Council of India was established on 4 July and it came into active operation on 16 November 1966. Since then, 16 November 1966 has been celebrated as the National Press Day to commemorate the establishment of the Press Council of India.

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National Press Day Theme 2023

The theme for National Press Day 2023 has not been declared yet. But every year, the Press Council of India releases a specific theme that focuses on the importance of a free and independent Press in India and upholding journalistic ethics without any external interference.

Previous Year Theme

“Role of Media in Nation Building” 2022
“Journalism under Digital Siege” 2021
“Information as a Public Good” 2020
“Courageous Journalism in the Service of Democracy” 2019
“The Role of Media in Promoting Peace and Understanding”2018

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Importance of National Press Day

Press Council of India is an independent government statutory body that takes care of the Press in India. National Pess Day is an important event because it works towards:

  • Preserving the freedom of the press
  • Promoting public interest
  • Maintaining high standards of journalism
  • It makes sure that the press does not misuse its powers

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What is 16 November celebrated as?

16 November is celebrated as National Press Day in India in honour of the Press Council of India.

What is the theme of National Press Day 2023?

The National Press Day 2023 theme has yet to be declared by the Press Council of India.

What is the importance of Press Day?

National Press Day is celebrated every year to highlight the importance of freedom to the Indian Press. The PCI (Press Council of India) is a free-acting organisation working to spread awareness and news in society. This day is also important to honour their contribution to making our nation a democratic nation.

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