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World AIDS Day Quiz

World AIDS Day is an annual event celebrated across various countries to spread awareness about the seriousness of issues related to AIDS. AIDS is a chronic disease which is caused by a virus. The virus mainly affects the immune system of the body specifically CD4 T cells of the immune system and degrade the immunity of the body. Various activities are conducted on World AIDS Day to spread the message that we can make collective efforts to prevent AIDS. One such activity that is conducted in schools or public level is the World AIDS Day Quiz. Here is a simple yet informative quiz for you!

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Let’s Start the World AIDS Day Quiz!

Here is an interesting quiz for you, just select the right option and analyze your knowledge:


#1. What is the full form of AIDS?

#2. When is World AIDS Day 2023 Celebrated?

#3. What is the symbol of AIDS?

#4. What is the causative agent of AIDS?

#5. What does HIV stand for?

#6. Is there any cure for HIV or AIDS?

#7. How is AIDS transmitted?

#8. What is the World AIDS Day 2023 Theme?

#9. Who founded World AIDS Day?

#10. When was the first World AIDS Day Celebrated?


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