World Cancer Day 2021

World Cancer day

Awareness is the first step towards handling any problem. When you come to a life-threatening disease like cancer, the first step towards its prevention is awareness. As a modern civilization, we have come up with a cure for everything but still, the life-threatening problem of cancer still remains intact. In such a scenario, creating a community which is aware of this threat is quite important. It’s exactly towards this goal, that World Cancer Day is dedicated. It aims at inculcating in us all, first an understanding regarding the severity of Cancer and then promotes its prevention, detection and treatment. World Cancer Day 2021 will be celebrated on 4 February. So, let’s make sure that we all contribute our part in it and pave a way towards a better Global Health Environment. 

About World Cancer Day

The need for a day which is dedicated to the cancer community and its prevention is manifold. Especially because it is a threat that cannot be annihilated completely but can only be dealt with more efficiency. So, let’s have a close look at these reasons to understand the significance of World Cancer Day. 

  1. The need for creating awareness regarding cancer was felt especially in the current scenario where because of the Corona Outbreak and consequent lockdowns, the treatment of cancer patients took a backseat. We have heard various instances in the past year where cancer patients have suffered in the absence of adequate healthcare facilities. And therefore at this moment, we need the World Cancer Day to bring this discourse around cancer to the centre and address it in a way which makes a difference. 
  2. Presently we have treatment for cancer but the problem is that it is curable only in the initial stages. Cancer has claimed so many lives mainly because in most patients it was not diagnosed in the initial stage. Therefore, through World Cancer Day, we need to bring to the forefront an awareness regarding Cancer so that it can be cured and the casualties could be reduced. 
  3. The first step towards creating a cancer-free world is the awareness that a disease like cancer exists and it could happen to anyone and everyone. So, we all need to talk about it and adopt healthy habits into our lives which could help us tackle this problem at its root. Therefore, the need for World Cancer Day to ensure that people talk enough about cancer and make everyday lifestyle changes to prevent its spread. 
  4. World Cancer Day is also important to pay our tribute to the healthcare workers who are constantly working towards both preventing and curing this disease. So, this day can be used to appreciate their contribution. 

Theme of World Cancer Day 2021

World Cancer Day will be celebrated on 4 February this year and the theme of the day isI am and I Will“. It is about recognising that we as a community could all contribute towards creating a cancer-free world. The significance of this theme is to understand that all our individual contributions matter when it comes to the prevention of cancer. Simply put, “Together, all our actions matter”. The spread of Cancer is something which has troubled every nation alike. Therefore, it is high time we all cooperate as nations and individuals and bring forth a completely aware world where nobody suffers in the absence of knowledge or medication. 

Creating a strong health infrastructure is one aspect which can be established using global cooperation and World Cancer Day is to remind us all the need for it. Also, to tackle this disease, awareness and healthcare facilities are important but so is emotionally supporting those who are actually suffering from Cancer. Because to fight this disease, one needs to be in an environment which is aware of its severity and willing to extend the care that cancer patients require. So, the theme for World Cancer Day 2021 is to remind us all that only our collective efforts could create a meaningful impact regarding the prevention of Cancer. 

How Can you Participate?

Now we all could participate in this campaign “I am and I will” which is organised as a part of World Cancer Day. All our contributions, no matter how big or small, have an impact and therefore we all could participate in it on an individual or Community Level. So, let’s have a look at some ways through which we can participate in World Cancer Day 2021. 

  1. Through the official page of World Cancer Day, you can all contribute some amount and financially support the campaigns which are going to happen across the world as a part of World Cancer Day. 
  2. You can also hold campaigns at your community level and work towards the spread of awareness regarding cancer and work towards an informed society. 
  3. You can also record a video message or write on the theme and spread awareness about cancer on social media.
  4. There is a section on the official page of World Cancer Day where you could “Add your activity” which you are going to conduct in order to spread awareness regarding Cancer. It could be a flash mob, a fundraiser or even a marathon dedicated towards the cause. 

So, the best way to participate in this day is to keep connected with the official page of World Cancer Day and look for spaces where you can contribute and make a difference. 

This is all that you needed to know about World Cancer Day 2021. Now, the next step is to take action and make your contribution to the prevention of cancer. As we said, being informed is the first step towards change. We at Leverage Edu, try to create awareness regarding every such issue. If you want to keep yourself updated with more such information, follow us at Leverage Edu

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