Top 8 Holi Celebration Ideas for Workplace: Tips for a Fun-Filled Holi Office Party

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Holi Celebration at Workplace

Holi is representative of community bonding and celebration. The festival of colours reflects the spirit of fraternity and belongingness. Keeping up with the spirit of this joyous and age-old festival of India, workplaces can be turned into a carnival for this day. Employees can engage in fun activities to spread cheer, compassion, and warmth among their colleagues. This day can also be used as a moment to celebrate the diversity of each region of India that has a distinct way of Holi celebration. To enjoy the festivity and fervour of this traditional Indian festival, the Holi celebration at workplaces should be inclusive and diverse. Holi is on 24 March 2024- 25 March 2024. This blog includes ideas for Holi celebration at workplace. Keep reading to get some interesting ideas!!

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Holi Celebration at Workplace

Here is the list of ideas for celebrating and organizing Holi at the workplace:

1. Office Decoration

Holi celebrations at the workplace should commence with office decoration. Do not shy away from adding ribbons, origami, and balloons of vibrant colours in your bays and cabins. Use mini clay pots and ‘kullhhads’ to decorate your desks. Decorate the office entrance with vibrant flowers and rustic antiques representing Indian culture. Place minute paintings in the gallery. Make sure to use environmentally friendly and mess-free decorative items to avoid damage to office property. 

Holi office decoration
Source: TogetherV

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2. Graffiti Wall

Put up a wall canvas in the reception or at the entrance of the office for easy access. Place colour bowls in front of the wall. All employees can put their hand prints and warm messages for co-workers on the canvas as a memoir. The canvas will turn into a graffiti wall, adding character to the Holi celebration at the workplace. 

Holi decor
Source: Decorchamp

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3. Photo Booth

Holi is an ideal festival for photo ops. Do not miss an opportunity to record your happy moments with the people you spend most of your time with. Set up a fancy photo booth in the most dynamic corner of the office premises. It will be great fun if the booth is placed amidst greenery. Place some funky props, colourful wigs, attractive head gear or hats, and large sunglasses near the booth. Employees can use these items to capture the spirit of the celebration.

Holi Photo Booth
Source: MeraEvents

4. Nail Bar 

Take this moment to go crazy with your nails. Set up a DIY nail bar and let the inner artist take over. Break free from the monotony and dress code of professional life and add all sorts of colours and glitter to your nails. Bring out the nail art junkie in you and match the spirit of the Holi celebration at the workplace. 

holi at workplace

5. Holi Playlist

The Hindi Cinema Industry has curated ample Holi songs that set the mood for all parties on this day. Create a Holi playlist and dance to the tunes of beautiful melodies cherishing the festival of colour. Shed away any hesitation and shyness and show your dance moves. Dance your heart out with your co-workers and take the celebration to a different level. 

6. Dessert Making Competition

Any Indian festival is incomplete without sweets. And the festival of Holi is empty without ‘gujjiyas’. However, eating gujjiya on the festival of colour is a North Indian tradition. Know about desserts from different parts of India with a dessert-making competition during the Holi celebration at the workplace. Prepare your traditional sweets and share them with employees of different regional and cultural backgrounds. 

7. Holi Trivia Quiz

After all the dances and songs, all colleagues can sit down and enjoy a trivia session. Questions of the trivia round should include facts about different ways of celebration, myths and stories associated with this day, and food trivia. There should be a token of appreciation for the winning team.  

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8. Holi Lunch

It is mandatory to conclude a celebration with a community lunch or dinner. Holi lunch can be a potluck or a buffet by a catering company. Whichever may be the source of food, and lunch on this day must include Holi special drinks like ‘Thandai’ and dishes like ‘Malpua’, ‘Dahi Bhallay’, ‘Chaat’ from different parts of the country, and curries of different regions.

holi celebration at workplace
Source: NDTV Food

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How do you celebrate Holi in the office?

You can wear interesting clothes, put gulaal, take part in engaging activities and competitions, and enjoy delicious food to celebrate Holi in the office.

How can I make Holi more interesting?

Set up DIY nail art and face painting counters, place a photo booth, and organise a trivia session to increase the excitement level on Holi. 

What activities can you do on Holi?

You can set up a full-size canvas where people can place their hand prints, organise and take part in sweet-making competitions, and organise a potluck to add flavour and character to the festival of colours.

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