World Hindi Day 2024: Date, History, Theme, Significance, and Activities

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World Hindi Day

Hindi is an official language of India. It is the third most spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin Chinese. The world celebrates World Hindi Day on 10 January to acknowledge the contributors to the language. World Hindi Day is also known as Vishwa Hindi Diwas. It is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the first-ever Hindi Conference held at Nagpur in 1975. Apart from celebrating the fact that Hindi is the official language of the federal government of India, this day is also celebrated to support and recognize the passion for the language among the people. 

When is World Hindi Day Celebrated?

World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10 January to commemorate the first-ever World Hindi Conference held in Nagpur, Maharashtra in 1975. 

The first Vishwa Hindi Divas was celebrated on 10 January 2006 and since then it has become an annual ritual. This day is celebrated to promote the language and culture around the world. The first Vishwa Hindi Divas was organized in the presence of the former Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh. 

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History of World Hindi Day

It is celebrated to commemorate the Vishva Hindi Sammelan held at Nagpur in 1975 to promote the Hindi language at the International level. This is a special day dedicated to acknowledging the language and contributions of various Hindi poets, and authors to Hindi literature. There are around 600 million speakers globally.

In India, various events are held on Vishwa Hindi Divas. Some of the organizations such as Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Hindi Nidhi Foundation, Indian High Commission, National Council of Indian Culture, and Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Co-operation conduct various activities to involve people to adapt the language.

Apart from India, it is observed in various countries like South Africa, Nepal, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mauritius.

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Theme: World Hindi Day 2024

The theme for this special day has not been announced. 

World Hindi Conference

As mentioned above the Vishwa Hindi Sammelan was held in Nagpur in 1975 and since then almost 11 conferences have been conducted in various parts of the world. In 2023 the 12th World Hindi Conference was conducted by the Ministry of External Affairs in association with the Government of Fiji. The Conference was held from 15 to 17 February 2023 in Fiji.

In 2023, the theme of the Conference was “Hindi – Traditional Knowledge to Artificial Intelligence”. The theme and venue of the 13th Hindi Conference is not yet declared. 

World Hindi Conference is held every three years at a new destination. Till now the conference has been held in Fiji, India, the UK, Mauritius, South Africa, the US, Trinidad, Tobago, and Suriname.

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This day is celebrated to acknowledge the importance of the Hindi language. It is a wonderful opportunity for the people belonging to the Hindi-speaking community to come forward and represent their skills and promote the Hindi language. Hindi language is considered easy and is the most basic form of expressing or communicating emotions. It is the unofficial national language of India.

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How to Celebrate World Hindi Day?

Here are some activities that you can do on this day:

  1. Conduct a storytelling or story-writing competition.
  2. Organize Exhibitions to portray the history of Hindi.
  3. Conduct Kavi Sammelan.
  4. Participate in Hindi Speech/Essay competitions, etc.

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When do we celebrate Vishwa Hindi Divas?

Vishwa Hindi Divas is celebrated on 10 January.

Why do we celebrate Vishwa Hindi Divas on 10 January?

World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10 January to commemorate the first-ever World Hindi Conference held at Nagpur in 1975. 

Who initiated World Hindi Diwas?

This day was started in 2006 by the former Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh to promote the Hindi language at the International level.

This was all about the Vishwa Hindi Divas. For more such articles, make sure to check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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