Best Science Schools in India

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Best science schools in India

Education at the school level in India is widely essential for students to establish a strong foundation that can further help them understand their preferences in terms of academics. This comes to fruition initially when students decide the stream they are to opt for in Class XI and XII. This stage of education is considered the senior secondary school education in India, where academic performance and board examinations help decide students’ enrollment to many esteemed central universities of India. Science is one of the streams that students religiously choose in their senior secondary school. To help one understand the best science schools in India that can help them devise their future academic goals and ambitions, this blog is prepared for your disposal. So without further ado, let’s get started and get to know about the best schools in India. 

Relevance of Choosing Science in School 

For students, choosing a subject stream in Class XI (that is continued for Class XII) holds great value and significance since that helps build a foundation in the subject of their interest, which can help them continue their studies in similar fields and allow them to be eligible for higher education in esteemed universities. 

Some of the main relevant benefits of choosing science in school are mentioned below. 

  1. For students, subjects like Physics and Chemistry, which are a part of the Science stream, help build scientific knowledge and enhance the cause-and-effect understanding of the world. 
  2. STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is one of the most demanding career and academic fields, globally. Therefore, making a start in this domain while being in school proposes nothing but great advantages for students all around the world. 
  3. The technical and soft skills that one learns through the learning and understanding of the subject of science, come to great use when employed in any kind of workplace. 
  4. Furthermore, there are top institutions in India that are solely focused on providing education in Science, offering great opportunities for students who carry a science background in senior secondary school. 

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List of Best Science Schools in India 

Now that we have shared an introduction and also understood the relevance of science in school, it’s time to get to the point. Shared below is the list of best science schools in India. 

The Mother’s International School, India 

A private secondary school in New Delhi, India, Mother’s International School is an establishment that is curated by the Sri Aurobindo Education Society. It is one of the best science schools in India that offers students a great learning experience and understanding of the field of science. Affiliated with CBSE, the school additionally offers the All India Secondary School Examination and All India Senior School Certificate Examination. Furthermore, the school has great infrastructure for science students, such as two libraries, computer labs; and physics, chemistry, and biology lab. 

Founded in 1956
School Board CBSE 
Location New Delhi 
Average Fees Up to INR 13,000 per month.

The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal 

When it comes to quality education, The Sanskaar Valley School is a great asset for students at the senior secondary level. It’s regarded as one of the best science schools in India given its dedication to a well distinctive curriculum that follows ICSE/ISC syllabus.  Furthermore, The University of Cambridge recognises the school as a Cambridge International School. 

Founded in 2006
School Board CISCE; CIE, Cambridge; NIOS
Location Madhya Pradesh 
Average Fees INR 3.5 lakh, including boarding fee, annually 
Source:The Sanskaar Valley School

The Doon School, Dehradun 

The Doon School is a boarding school in Dehradun of Uttarakhand. It is specifically an all-boys school, where education imparted to students knows no bounds. The school is modelled based on the British Public Schools, keeping in mind the Indian culture and ambitions. With its own designed curriculum, The Doon School furthers its educational stance and shares practical as well as theoretical knowledge with students. 

Founded in 1935
School Board CISCE; ISC
Location Uttarakhand
Average Fees INR 11 lakh per annum.
Source: Shree Jaya Bhatia Creativities

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Treamis World School, Bengaluru 

A co-educational international school in Bengaluru, Treamis World School is also a boarding school for students from all over the country. The campus of the school is spread over acres of land and has multiple amenities, resources, as well as facilities for students. Students looking for the best science schools in India can surely pick their pick with this school, as various science labs along with modern infrastructure complement the education imparted to students. 

Founded in 2007
School Board World School: CBSE International School: IGCSE, UK-Cambridge
Location Karnataka 
Average Fees INR 1.3 lakh per annum. For boarding: INR 3.75 lakh per annum.

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai 

A famous private school in Mumbai, Dhirubhai Ambani International School provides co-educational opportunities to students. Built by Reliance Industries, the establishment is an IB World School. Students can avail of and study for ICSE and IGCSE examinations. Some of the facilities available for students are science labs, an excellent curriculum, display boards, as well as internet access (Wi-Fi) for Class XI and Class XII. 

Founded in 2003
School Board ICSE, IGCSE, and IBDP
Location Maharashtra 
Average Fees INR 9.65 lakh per annum.

St. John’s High School, Chandigarh 

An Edmund Rice Educational Institute, St. John’s High School has officially been the best in Chandigarh from 2013 to 2015. It follows the CBSE curriculum and is dedicatedly focused on the education of the students, being one of the best science schools in India. It can be substantiated by the fact that the school has been awarded the National Computer Literacy Award by the Ministry of Information and Technology. What’s more is that, apart from studies, the school’s architecture is well known to be designed by the prominent French architect Pierre Jeanneret. 

Founded in 1959
School Board CBSE
Location Chandigarh
Average Fees INR 72 thousand per annum.

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Additional Schools in India for Class 11 and Class 12 Science 

Some of the additional schools for the science stream in India are shared below. 

  • Delhi Public School (DPS)
  • The Heritage School, Gurgaon
  • Sri Kumaran Children’s Home, Bangalore
  • National Public School, Bangalore
  • Podar International School, Mumbai
  • Don Bosco International School, Mumbai
  • Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon

Best Career Options for Science Students 

For students who have opted for science in their senior secondary school education, the following are some of the most prominent/best career options. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. Blockchain Developer
  3. Software Designing
  4. Spacetech
  5. Astrophysicist

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Q1. Which school is best in India?

Ans. Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi is one of the best public schools in India. 

Q2. Which country is best in science?

Ans. Singapore is one of the best countries in Science.

Q3. Which is India’s top science university?

Ans. Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is India’s top science university. 

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