Top 10 Schools in Noida: A List of Best Schools in the City

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top 10 schools in noida

Noida is a satellite city, located on the outskirts of Delhi. NOIDA stands for the New Okhla Industrial Development Area. This metropolitan city has undergone substantial alteration in the past 30 years. From the world’s most advanced commercial offices to many good schools, Noida has emerged as the fastest-developing city in the world. At the same time that the educational sector has grown in many other sectors, it has undergone planned adoption of the best modern teaching methodologies and world-class facilities.

Read this blog to find the Top 10 Schools in Noida, that not only provide quality education but also offer many co-curricular activities for the overall personality development of the students.

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Top 10 Schools in Noida

Read the list given below to find the Top 10 Schools in Noida along with their fee structure which will make choosing the best school for your child easier.

Delhi Public School, Noida

It is the No. 3 co-ed day/night school in the Delhi NCR, offers education up to Grade XII and is affiliated with the CBSE board. DPS mixes old and modern teaching approaches to help students grow into responsible citizens. The school provides a student exchange programme to give students the most global exposure and contacts. In addition, your child will receive career coaching to maximise college placement. DPS Admissions 2023 is closed for now. 

Source – EducationWorld

Step-by-Step School, Noida

When the school first opened its doors in April 2008, 547 students from the Toddler programme through sixth grade enrolled. They initially occupied three floors of the Junior School, the creative play area and the junior playing field, all of which were spread out across ten acres of land. They built the senior wing in just two years, then added the administrative building in 2013 and the cutting-edge auditorium block in 2018.

Source – Step-by-Step School, Noida

Shiv Nadar School

Shiv Nadar is one of the greatest co-educational institutions in Noida, offering academic assistance from Nursery to Grade XII. It is affiliated with the IGCSE and CBSE boards and provides an IBDP curriculum for cultural immersion. Shiv Nadar teaches in a diverse and hands-on manner. Technology is interwoven into their instructional practises to guarantee that students have the finest academic comprehension possible. Shiv Nadar Nursery admissions for 2024-25 are now open.

Source – Edustoke

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Pathways School, Noida

It is the only IB continuation school chain in North India, offering education from Nursery to Grade XII. The co-ed campus is constructed with students’ needs in mind, with 24-hour access to IT and other technology support. Furthermore, expeditions, camps, and foreign exchange programmes, among other things, connect young scholars to a global network.

Source – Yellow Slate

The Shriram Millenium School

It is a coed day school that serves all of its students’ needs while offering training from Kindergarten to Grade XII. The extensive curriculum at Shriram Millennium includes the ICSE and ISC (with connections to CISCE), Cambridge Lower Secondary and IGCSE, and the IBDP (as an approved IB World School). This makes Shriram Millennium one of the best international schools in Noida. 

Source – UniApply

Lotus Valley International School

It is a coed school connected to the CBSE board that offers academic support to students in pre-nursery to Grade XII. Their curriculum includes a sensory learning method at the junior levels integrating audio-visuals and online learning, for which it won the “innovation curriculum” award. Senior-level students receive career mentoring. The teaching strategies and the facilities provided make it one of the top 10 CBSE schools in India.

Source –

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Somerville School

Somerville is a coed, 6-acre school that is affiliated with the CBSE board and offers academic help to students in Nursery through Grade XII. It has Educomp smart courses installed to promote children’s academic and personal growth since it believes in smart education and technologically supported learning. To extend kids’ perspectives and support experiential learning, field trips, outings and seminars are also encouraged. 

Source –

Kothari International School

With classrooms ranging from Nursery to Grade XII, it is a coeducational institution that has earned CBSE and CIE accreditation. It received a certificate of honour from the World Education Summit 2021 under the category of “TOP SCHOOLS OF INDIA.” Smartboards, e-learning resources, sports facilities, and a range of activities, and events all help students advance academically and in extra-curricular activities.

Source – Kothari International School

Genesis Global School

Both a day school and a residential school, Genesis Global School (GGS), are attended by students. They combine technology, culture, and innovation to deliver an education of the highest calibre. Genesis Global School, founded in 2010, has pupils in grades one through twelve.

The school has Wi-Fi access available. Both virtual classes and a large multimedia library are included. Three sports fields are available, including a shooting range, a horse-riding arena, tennis, badminton, basketball, and squash courts.

Source – Boarding Schools of India

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Vishwa Bharti Public School

The school offers classes from LKG to Grade XII and is affiliated with the CBSE board, making it one of Noida’s best schools. With a robust curriculum and strong IT infrastructure, it supports young pupils’ academic progress. Numerous classes and webinars are available to students to assist them in grasping subjects and getting social exposure.

Source –

Top 5 CBSE Schools in Noida

If you’re looking for a school with a CBSE curriculum, here are some of the top schools that you can choose from apart from the ones given above:

Top 5 ICSE Schools in Noida

If you’re looking for a school with an ICSE curriculum, here are some of the top schools in Noida:

  • St Joseph’s School
  • Holy Angels School
  • Jesus and Mary Convent School
  • St Paul’s Academy
  • Bal Bhavan Public School

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The purpose of the write-up is to aid in the comprehension of the top 10 Schools in Noida. The academic programme they use, the amenities they offer, and what sets them apart. All this will make it easier for parents to make an important decision for their children by giving them a general understanding of the school.


Which is the No. 1 school in Noida?

Delhi Public School, Shiv Nadar School, Pathways School, and Lotus Valley International are some of the top 10 schools in Noida.

Which is the most expensive school in Noida?

Pathways School and Step by Step School are two of the most expensive schools in Noida.

Is Noida good for education?

Noida has evolved as a centre of excellence in education and schooling. So yes, Noida is one of the best places for early childhood education.

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