Why is NEET Important for MBBS?

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Importance of NEET Exam

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination popularly known as NEET is a common examination for candidates who aspire to become doctors. It is the only Medical Entrance Examination for the aspirants. The examination body has been set up to determine the qualification as well as the eligibility of the candidates.

After the candidate qualifies NEET he/she is eligible to get admission into medical colleges in India and abroad. It is one of the undergraduate medical courses universities offer. With the change in National Medical Council Act, 2019 from 2020 onwards it has become mandatory for students who are willing to get admission into Medical Colleges.

Importance of NEET For MBBS

The first and foremost part is that it is the only Medical Entrance examination conducted in India for medical aspirants. Every other exam for MBBS is replaced by NEET. Every candidate must qualify for this exam to get into MBBS colleges in India. The students who are planning to study abroad, must be thinking is it even necessary? No, it is not! You can definitely achieve the goal by giving NEET and scoring to the level which gets you into your dream college in India. But at some places, you can do your MBBS. Know more about MBBS without NEET abroad here! 

As it is the only test one has to take, the level of uniformity is assured to offer each and every aspirant across the globe. Here are a few pointers for you to understand the importance of NEET in every medical student’s career and future aspirations.

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NEET Conducting Body

NEET is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). The organization is an independent body established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India (GOI). NTA looks after all the requirements for NEET aspirants. This involves conducting the examination, registration process, and till the end when the results are declared. Until then everything is taken care of by NTA. 

Equal Opportunity for All 

An eligible student will get the seat as per his/her choice if one scores well. Qualifying with high scores can also be a great opportunity to get into the All India Merit List which can get you into the most prestigious college in the nation. The exam is very transparent at every level. But yes, getting into the merit list is nothing less than a big-big opportunity. On the other hand, as the exam pattern, syllabus and competition are the same for all, it gets challenging. 

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Time and Money Saving Convenience 

You can save both your time and money because if you want to apply to other colleges you need to take out time for form filling and also spend tons of money on the form submission process. You can avoid spending money for multiple exams as your only focus is NEET. Doing it once and getting into your dream college does the work for you! You can also give attempts for the same. This gives you an advantage and makes sure you get what you want after trying your best each time. 

One Pattern Exam 

After the announcement that it is the only examination one has to give, you also get the opportunity to learn and practice for the exam which follows only one pattern. It becomes easy for the candidates to study and score well each time they give their attempts. There is no room for confusion one can experience. We will give a brief explanation of the exam pattern and subjects you need to study. 

The NEET examination question paper covers topics from Science subjects that is, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology which are further divided into two topics that are Botany and zoology. There will be 180 questions which carry four marks each. Here’s a bifurcation for the marking of the exam. 

Question Answer Type Marks
Right Answer Four Marks
Wrong Answer (-) 1 Mark
Unattempted Answer 0 Mark 

Helps Being Consistent and Regular

When you decide to prepare for NEET you need to create a dependable framework for yourself. It will help you to be regular with your studies. When you have a goal in mind to accomplish NEET will work as a stepping stone. Everything is clear and transparent. The uniformity of the examination is widely known and accepted. No candidate can get into Medical Colleges without scoring well in NEET. So, your only goal helps you to accomplish better for your bright future! And as it is a competitive exam, being regular and consistent with your study is the only deal breaker to getting into the college that you desire. 

Advanced NEET Preparation 

As the exam is a competitive one you have to study for it in advance. This will make your study easier and stress-free. You can get sample papers and practice papers easily online. Everything will help you to score better. You should have clarity for all the science subjects. You should prepare everything before and also keep in mind your speed and attentiveness. Use a timer to keep a check on your time consumption while practicing mock papers. 

Common Entrance Exam

As all aspirants need to give the exam it is equally vital for the conducting body to understand the uniformity for all students in the examination. It is the only exam one needs to pass to get into the best MBBS college. The one he/she dreams for. One does not have to prepare for different examinations at different points in time. One exam is sufficient to get them into their dream college.


What is the duration of the NEET examination?

You will get three hours and 20 minutes to complete the exam. This is given a time limit and students won’t get extra time for solving the question.

What type of questions are asked in the NEET examination?

You will have MCQ (Multiple choice questions) to answer. There will be 4 options and you have to choose one of them as your answer. You can not select more than one option.

Is NEET necessary for MBBS admissions?

Yes. Without your NEET scores, you are not eligible for admission into Medical Colleges. It is the only medical entrance exam in India for undergraduate medical courses.

 We hope this information helped you to understand the importance of NEET for MBBS Admission preparations. You can know more about the NEET examination on Leverage Edu and find the best medical college in India. And do not forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Is it not enough for the+2 students wbo choose to study science group a and get 97% cut off mark to get into medical college. In NEET you have to spend lot of money and time for coaching centres? Am I correct?

  1. Is it not enough for the+2 students wbo choose to study science group a and get 97% cut off mark to get into medical college. In NEET you have to spend lot of money and time for coaching centres? Am I correct?

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