NEET Scores 2024: What is the Cutoff for NEET 2024?

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The NEET 2024 results are out, and with them comes the time of analysis, celebration, and strategizing for the next attempt. This year’s results have a lot of controversies attached to it, most notably the record-breaking number of students securing the perfect score. Whether you’re a topper or aiming to optimize your performance next time around, this blog tries to understand the updates of NEET scores 2024, ranks, and the factors that influence them.

What is NEET Exam?

NEET is a big exam in India to get into medical school (MBBS, BDS, etc.) and other health professions (nursing, veterinary, etc.). It’s a one-time test per year and lasts about 3 hours. You take it on paper and answer questions about science (physics, chemistry, biology). The National Testing Agency runs it, and millions of students take it every year.

About NEET 2024 Cut-Off

The NEET cutoff score serves as an important determinant for eligibility in medical college admissions. This minimum score, established annually, signifies the threshold that candidates must surpass to participate in the counseling and admission processes. The factors influencing this cutoff are many, including the exam’s difficulty level, the total number of available medical seats, and the overall performance of test-takers.

NEET uses a percentile-based system for different categories like General, SC/ST/OBC, and PH. These category-specific cutoffs play an important role in securing admission to medical colleges. Aspiring medical professionals often await the release of cutoff scores to assess their prospects of gaining admission to their preferred institutions.Here’s a table outlining the NEET 2024 cutoff scores for various categories:

CategoryNEET 2024 Cut-off Percentile
General50th Percentile (UR/EWS)
General-PH45th Percentile (UR/EWS & PH)
SC/ST/OBC40th Percentile
SC/OBC-PH40th Percentile (OBC & PH)
ST-PH40th Percentile (ST & PH)

NEET Scores 2024:Score vs Rank 

For every NEET aspirant, the relationship between their score and rank is very important. This year, 67 students achieved the absolute 720, a significant increase compared to just two in 2023. This surge intensifies competition, particularly for coveted seats in premier medical colleges like AIIMS Delhi, which might lead to a lottery system due to the high number of equally qualified candidates.

The established principle dictates a positive correlation between marks and ranks in NEET – higher scores translate to better ranks. However, the interplay of three key factors – exam difficulty, overall candidate performance, and total test-takers – determines the nature of this relationship. The increase in top scorers for NEET 2024 points towards the changing landscape and the growing importance of proper score optimization.

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NEET Scores 2024 : Marks vs Rank

The table below provides a list of the marks vs rank correlation for NEET 2024. Remember, these are indicative values, and the actual ranks may vary slightly.As you can see, the jump in ranks becomes steeper as scores decrease. This confirms the fact that even a slight improvement in your score can significantly impact your rank and potentially open doors to better colleges.

Marks RangeRank
7201 – 67

Don’t Just Focus on the Score: Understanding Percentiles

While the score you achieve is undeniably important, it’s not the whole picture. NEET scores are also presented in percentiles, which tell you how you performed as compared to other test-takers. Imagine 100 students lined up by score, worst to best. Your percentile tells you how many students you scored higher than. This way, you can see if you did better than average and how likely you are to get into a good medical school.

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What is the cutoff for NEET 2024?

Each category has a different minimum score needed to be eligible for the NEET 2024 exam. The cutoff is 720-164 for the general category, 163-129 for SC/ST/OBC, 163-146 for general-PH, and 145-129 for SC/OBC-PH.

Who got the highest marks in NEET 2024?

The NEET 2024 top list is out, and Tathagat Awatar from PW is at the top with a flawless 720. View the entire list of PW’s NEET 2024 top scorers to see every outstanding student.

When was the result declared in NEET 2024?

The test was run on May 5 and the findings were made public on June 4. Concerns about an excessive number of top rank holders are being voiced by the candidates and their parents.

How many students got 720 marks in NEET 2024?

The person then drew attention to the peculiarity that two applicants obtained 719 and 718 marks with AIR 68 and 69, respectively, after 67 students on the list had consecutively received perfect scores of 720. This is not mathematically conceivable based on the medical exam’s grading scheme.

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