🧬 How to Study Biology for NEET 2024?

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How to Study Biology for NEET

Hey, Students! Please welcome Professor Owl 🦉. He will be telling us today about How to Study Biology for NEET? Since owls are very wise, Hootfully, He’ll be of help to you! If you scroll further down this blog, you’ll see all the information you will need!

NEET 2024 exam is just knocking at the door. Students are preparing hard to secure a good rank in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test this year. It is known that Biology covers a big portion of NEET UG syllabus. This means you have to cover biology well if you want to secure a good score. In this blog, we will help you to understand how to study biology for NEET 2024.

🧑‍🔬 How to Study Biology for NEET UG?

Candidates who are preparing for NEET UG exam with NCERT books, will get an advantage to score better. It is important to understand that Biology is not a subject, where you just memorise a few lessons and you’ll get a good score. If you really want to know how to study biology for NEET 2024 then remember one thing, you need to understand the concepts and processes in this subject.

The Biology subject in the question papers of NEET covers two other subject which are Botany and Zoology. 100 Out of 180 questions in NEET are directly related to Biology. Aspirants need to answer only 90 questions. It means you can secure 360 marks easily. We have mentioned some tips to help you to cover Biology subject for NEET.

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🔬 5 Tips to Cover Biology Syllabus for NEET?

Below, we have mentioned 5 tips suggested by ex-toppers and teachers to cover the biology subject easily and early.

  1. Create a list of question papers- Pick questions of NEET previous year papers and analyse repetitive questions. direct questions and modified questions. This will help you to create your preparation study plan for an upcoming exam.
  2. Create a list of Important Topics- It seems so easy tips but will play a vital role ahead. Having a list of important topics of Biology will help you to understand, on which topic you should spend more time.
  3. NCERT Books 📚- As mentioned earlier, more than 8 to 10 questions in NEET biology are directly from NCERT books. That’s true! It is advisable that do not ignore NCERT books while preparing for NEET. Also, study all the examples given in NCERT along with the common names.
  4. Short Notes and Flash Cards- You can not read the whole concept every time. You just need to create notes and flashcards in your own language. This small trick will save you a lot more time during revision.
  5. Analyze the Biology Section of NEET and create goals- To win the battle, create your goal into three stages that are easy preparation, General preparation and question based preparation. You need to create different strategies to cover all three sections.

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📚 NEET 2024 Biology Pattern

Below, we have mentioned the exam pattern for Biology subjects in NEET. This will help you to prepare a strategy for upcoming exams.

SubjectSectionNumber of QuestionsMarks
BotanySection A35140
Section B15 (Attempt only 10)40
ZoologySection A35140
Section B15 (Attempt only 10)40

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What are the important topics in Biology for NEET?

Below, we have mentioned most important biology topics that will cover a big part of NEET syllabus. Check out below.
1. Diversity in Living World
2. Human Physiology
3. Genetics and Evolution
4. Ecology and environment

Is NCERT book helpful for NEET UG 2024 preparation?

It is the most important book that will help you to cover the syllabus of the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test for UG.

How many questions are there in NEET?

There are 180 questions in NEET UG exam. Every question carries 4 marks.

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