What is the Full Form of SAI?

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The full form of SAI is the Sports Authority of India. The SAI is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports which was formed in 1984. In November 2023, Dr. Sanchit Tyagi was appointed the Director of the Sports Authority of India. 

What are the Aims and Objectives of SAI?

The Aims and Objectives of SAI are:

  • International Exposure and training
  • Preparation and training of national teams 
  • Maintenance and Development of Sports Infrastructure
  • Improve and monitor performance with a scientific evaluation procedure 
  • Scouting talent at a micro level and nurturing talent towards excellence
  • Support training with sports and scientific equipment and scientific personnel 
  • Upgradation and maintenance of 4 stadium complexes and a shooting range in New Delhi
  • To produce physical educationists of high caliber in different disciples of sports to broad base sports
  • Implement various schemes of the MYAS e.g. Khelo India, Assistance to NSF, TOPS, FIT India

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What are the Strategies of SAI?

These are the Strategies that SAI follows:

  • Collaboration for sports development and sporting excellence internationally
  • Developing a structured approach for discovering and expanding the talent pool in all Olympic disciplines and selected indigenous and other sports 
  • Focused attention on areas and regions having potential for excellence in the specific sports disciplines 
  • Establishing infrastructure and an integrated framework for grooming and training talent at different proficiency and age levels, which involves SAI, State Governments and National Sports Federations (NSFs)
  • Guaranteeing the availability of grade-A sports goods and the development of the indigenous sports goods industry.
  • Promoting active involvement of the corporate sector in developing academics and centres of excellence for different disciplines. 

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What are the SAI Promotional Schemes?

These are the following SAI Sports Promotional Schemes:

  1. National Sports Talent Contest Scheme (NSTC)
  2. Army Boys Sports Company (ABSC)
  3. SAI Training Centers Scheme (STC)
  4. Special Area Games Scheme (SAG)
  5. Extension Centres of STCs/SAGs
  6. Centres of Excellence (CoE)
  7. Come and Play Scheme

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Which Stadiums are under the SAI?

These are the following Stadia under the SAI:

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Stadium
  • Indira Gandhi Sports Complex
  • Major Dhyan Chand National
  • Dr. Syama Prasad Mookherjee Swimming Pool Complex
  • Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Ranges 

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