International Olympic Day: Theme, Significance, History

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International Olympic Day

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was formed on June 23 in 1894. To commemorate this feat, International Olympic Day is celebrated every year on the same date. Sportspeople around the world, including athletes, and sports officials take part in the commemoration of this event. The younger ones in the world of sports who have just started their journey are encouraged for their future, while motivation is shared with others to join in sports activities. As the Olympics is the world’s largest international sporting event, International Olympic Day brings together all the people in the field all around the world. To discover more, continue reading the blog. 

Date 2023 23 June 2023 
Declared by International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Celebration for The foundation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Nature of Celebration Worldwide 

Theme of International Olympic Day 2023 

A theme is picked out each year to establish a particular subject or concept for the celebration of the event. This helps categorise and identify the event per passing year. For example, last year, the theme of this day was ‘Together for a Peaceful World’. But what is the theme for this year? 

The theme of International Olympic Day 2023 is – 


The website of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) mentions the need for daily physical activity and its long-term health benefits, with respect to mental and physical well-being. Taking the same into consideration, the theme of this year has come into effect, encouraging and inviting the world to celebrate the joy of moving and establishing physical activity in day-to-day life.

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History of This Day 2023

Back in 1894, International Olympic Committee or IOC was formed. This happened on the day of June 23. Baron Pierre de Coubertin who was a sports enthusiast and French educator, founded this committee. The purpose was to revive the idea of sports in promoting international peace. 


Now, a similar idea led to the first celebration of this day in 1948 on June 23 to commemorate the establishment of the IOC. Additionally, the idea was to promote sports or the Olympic games, its values and inspiration, to bring people together in unity, cooperation, and peace by embracing physical activity. 

Ever since, this day has been celebrated on June 23 highlighting the importance of sports. 

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Significance of International Olympic Day 2023

The significance of this day is hidden in the significance of sports itself. Though one of the main ideas is to promote the Olympic games and their values while encouraging people to actively participate in the same; the significance of the day is more profound in the sense that it aims to bring people together through sports. Let’s go through some of the key significant points that shed light on the importance of the day. 

  1. The day acts as a reminder of the legacy of the Olympic games and their role in shaping modern society 
  2. The day encourages people to make healthier changes in their life by introducing the presence of physical activity
  3. It highlights the benefits of sports in preventing various health concerns
  4. Moreover, the day also promotes the accessibility of sports so more and more people can have the required resources to participate in them 
  5. Finally, the day also recognises and celebrates the achievements of various Olympians. 

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Celebration of International Olympic Day 2023 

Now, how is this day celebrated or how can it be celebrated? Let’s check out some of the points below. 

  1. Several countries celebrate the day by holding sporting events at local, state, national, or international levels.
  2. Schools can also celebrate this day by organising the Olympic theme games and encouraging students to participate.
  3. Organisations take to social media to celebrate this day by sharing various Olympic and sports-related messages to a wider audience. You can also take part in this conversation/discussion. 
  4. The history and culture of the Olympic games are brought to light with cultural events organised by different countries. 
  5. Furthermore, you can celebrate this day by introducing regular physical exercise/activities in your life!

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Olympic Day Run 

One of the prominent celebrations and core activities of International Olympic Day is the Olympic Day Run. This was launched in 1987. The National Olympic Committees of different nations organise this large-scale activity, thereby promoting mass sport. When the first Olympic Day Run was held in 1987, only 50 nations participated. But as time has passed, and the Olympics has gained the extraordinary traction that it has, more than 150 nations participate in this Olympic Day Run now. 

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Facts Regarding the Olympics 

Some interesting facts on this day related to the Olympics can be found here!

Know more about International Olympics Day 2023


When is International Olympic Day celebrated?

International Olympic Day is celebrated on June 23, annually. 

Why is International Olympic Day celebrated?

International Olympic Day is celebrated to commemorate the foundation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which was witnessed on the same date in 1894. 

Where is International Olympic Day celebrated?

International Olympic Day is celebrated all over the world, with a lot of countries participating. 

That was all about International Olympic Day, which is celebrated on June 23, every year. For more interesting blogs on events such as this, stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu

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