What is the Full Form of PC in Computer?

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pc in computer

The full form of PC in Computer is Personal Computer. A personal computer is an electronic device designed to be used by the end-user rather than any professional technician. There are various sizes and models of PCs available in the market of different companies. The first computer was invented by John Blankenbaker of Kenbak Corporation in 1970. Since then, we have witnessed positive modifications and improvements in PCs due to technological advancement. Continue Reading to know more about PC full form in Computer!

What is a Personal Computer?

A personal computer also known as a microcomputer is specially designed for the use of a single person at a time. 

Before the advent of PCs, there were big computers designed only for companies as they were attached to terminals so that they could be operated by multiple users using a single large mainframe computer. The resource of the mainframe computer is shared with all the users.

But later with technological advancement and the availability of resources, it became feasible to design the small computer in the 1970s and 1980s for single users.

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Types of Computer

Different types of Computers are listed below:

  • Super Computer
  • Server Computer
  • Hybrid Computer
  • Mainframe computer
  • Workstation Computer
  • Mini Computer
  • Personal Computer (PC)
  • Digital Computer
  • Analog Computer
  • Tablets and Smartphone
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