What is the full form of PD?

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The full form of PD is Public Domain. It refers to a category of creative works that are not protected by copyright. It can happen due to any reason such as the expiration of their copyright term. Another reason for this is that the work was not eligible for copyright protection. Therefore, they can be used freely by anyone on the internet. 

Advantages of PD

There are numerous advantages of works enlisted under the Public Domain such as:

  • The availability of certain artworks for free to the public at large ensures that everybody has easy access to cultural heritage.
  • Budding artists can use this free material as a source of inspiration for new ideas and projects.
  • Easily available work removes all barriers and promotes the spread of knowledge, inspiration, and creativity.
  •  Since small businesses and startups no longer have to incur licensing fees, it reduces some part of the overall cost.

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Drawbacks of PD

Just like everything else, PD or Public Domain has its own fair share of drawbacks. Here are a few of them:

People with their work in the Public Domain have no control over who can use their art. Therefore, they are unable to generate income from their hard work which is one of the biggest disadvantages.

Not being able to financially benefit from artwork can make creators feel demotivated. It can also cause a lack of incentive due to which no new art is created.

Another major drawback of the Public Domain is that creators lose control and authority over their artwork. Therefore, their work can be used in a wrongful manner or for illegitimate reasons. 

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