What is the Full Form of CMP in the Share Market?

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CMP full form

CMP full form in Share Market: In the stock market, CMP stands for current market price. It is the current market price at which the stock is traded. The price can be utilised to buy or sell that particular share at that time. The value of stocks changes over time and is never the same. What the stock is worth right now will not be the same an hour later. That is why CMP is always taken into account. As a result, the CMP is the most important factor that investors consider.

Importance of CMP

Now that you understand what CMP is in the stock market, you should investigate why it is important to examine CMP.  Here are some reasons why CMP is important:

  • It is the component that will inform you, as an investor, of the current stock price.
  • After performing some technical and fundamental research and taking into account the previous CMP prices, you can also predict how the stock will perform in the future using CMP.  
  • CMP is not the same as guessing; what you guessed a minute ago may change the next second. That is why it is critical to maintain track of previous CMPs when determining the future CMP. 


In the stock market, CMP stands for current market price, whereas LTP stands for last traded price. In some rare circumstances, these two names may appear to be quite similar, yet they are not. 

As you are well aware, CMP is the current share price. LTP, on the other hand, is the last price at which the trader sold or bought that particular stock.

LTP and CMP will not always be the same, and there may be a brief period when they are because the CMP is continually changing. 

When trading volume is high, the LTP of the share might alter the CMP because it is the actual price at which the stock was last traded.


The stock market is a broad concept that might be intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with it. As a result, comprehending the fundamental abbreviations becomes essential. In the stock market, the CMP represents the current stock price. It is the ideal technique to analyse the stock’s performance by analysing and tracking the most recent CMP figures.

Furthermore, CMP and other words are commonly utilised; so, thorough information is required to make effective trading judgements.

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