What is the Full Form of TLDR?

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The full form of TLDR is Too Long; Didn’t Read. It is a commonly used internet slang and is often used to summarize or give a brief overview of a longer piece of text, article or online content. TLDR is especially popular on social media platforms, forums, and comment sections where users often don’t have the time or patience to read lengthy posts. In this blog, we will know more about the full form of TLDR and its purpose.

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The acronym TLDR is derived from the phrase “Too Long; Didn’t Read,”  which was first used in 2002. Today it is used to express disinterest or unwillingness to read a lengthy piece of text. TLDR is usually used when a user wants a quick summary or key points of a longer article or post.

The purpose of TLDR

The main purpose of TLDR is to provide a short and comprehensive version of content that can be easily consumed by users who are looking for a quick summary. In a fast-paced digital world, TLDR allows users to quickly grasp the main points without having to invest a significant amount of time reading the entire piece.

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TLDR in online communities

TLDR has become ubiquitous in online communities where people share and discuss content. It is often used as a way to summarize a long post or to give a brief overview that can generate interest and encourage others to engage with the content. 

The abbreviation has gained popularity due to the increasing amount of information available on the internet. It allows users to quickly gauge whether a piece of content is worth investing their time in or not. 

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Example to use TLDR

  1. The news article was TLDR.
  2. Reports of the meeting were TLDR. Provide me with some summary of the same.
  3. The article in the magazine was interesting but TLDR.
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