What is the Full Form of OTG?

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Full Form of OTG

The full form of OTG is On-The-Go. OTG is a Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard that permits the connection of USB devices. Devices that support USB OTG can connect without a network connection to a computer. Your smartphone or tablet can connect to various devices using a USB OTG link. This link has a USB-A port on one side and a phone connector on the other. If you connect an OTG link, your phone will serve as the primary device. If you bridge a phone to a computer using a regular USB connection, your computer will be the primary device and your phone will be the capacity device.

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OTG Rules

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USB OTG describes two functions of a device.

  1. The display of OTG A and OTG B devices shows which side is the first host and which side supplies the connection power.
  2. OTG A-device supplies a power source, and OTG B-device manages power consumption.
  3. In the default connection configuration, the B-device is a USB peripheral and the A-device is a USB host.
  4. Later, the host and peripheral modes can be changed using either RSP or HNP. Due to the fact that each OTG controller performs both functions, they are also referred to as Dual-Role controllers.

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Usage of OTG 

OTG has different uses such as:

  • Your phone or tablet can be connected to a USB drive, mouse, console, hard disc, webcam, or any other mobile device using a USB OTG link.
  • When switching between applications on several mobile devices or creating a report using a console on your computer, OTG links are helpful.
  • Additionally, there are OTG center points where you can use devices to connect your phone. You could, for instance, utilize a console, a mouse, and a tablet.

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