What is the Full Form of RSP?

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The full form of RSP is the Revolutionary Socialist Party. It refers to the communist party of India which was founded in the year 1940 on 19 March by Tridib Chaudhuri. Interestingly, the RSP traces back its roots to the famous Bengali liberation movement and the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army. apart from West Bengal, the RSP is highly active in numerous states of India such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Tripura, and 18 other states. 

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History of RSP

The Revolutionary Socialist Party was formed when India was fighting colonial oppression. Following the path of communist ideology, the RSP was primarily inspired by the Social Revolution in Russia of 1917 and the ultimate victory of the working class led by Bolsheviks and guided by Lenin. 

The youth of this party were charged with being active radical freedom fighters and jailed multiple times. However, since the party was formed as a manifestation of the Anushilan Samiti, several members broke away from RSP and joined the CPI, another popular political party of that time. Nonetheless, a major part of the members stayed with the Revolutionary Socialist Party and worked to improve the living conditions of the working class, peasants, and laborers. 

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What is the symbol of the RSP party?

As approved by the Election Commission of India, the Election Symbol of the Revolutionary Socialist Party is a spade and stoker. This symbol is depicted in white against a red background which reflects the years-long struggle of the communist party. Moreover, the spade and stoker are of great significance. They reflect that the party is of peasants, laborers, farmers, and workers who put their efforts into fields and industries to earn a living. 

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