What is the Full Form of NNC? 

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The full form of NNC is Naga National Council. It refers to a political entity formed by the Naga people in the year 1945. The primary aim behind the establishment of NNC was to promote and protect the rights of Nagas and achieve the ultimate goal of autonomy. At its core, the Naga National Council aims to consolidate the Naga tribes under one umbrella, ensuring to represent them collectively.

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History of NNC

Here is an overview of the history of the Naga National Council: 

  • The Naga National Council was formed in 1945.
  • The deputy commissioner of the Naga Hills District, C. R. Pawsey, established the Naga Hills District Tribal Council.
  • This body was later replaced by a famous organization called the Naga Club.
  • In February 1946, it was turned into the Naga National Council (NNC), a political organization.
  • It aimed to unite Naga tribes and represent their interests and concerns collectively. 
  • The NNC also advocates for the recognition of tribal customs, and practices, the protection of resources owned by tribal communities, and the preservation of world heritage sites essential to the Naga community.  
  • However, the NNC soon evolved into a militant movement when they realized that the authorities in power were reluctant to address their issues.
  • Accordingly, the Naga National Council was engaged in numerous armed struggles against the Indian army forces in pursuit of their ultimate goals.  

Organization Overview

  • There were two central councils under the NNC which were located at Mokokchung and Kohima.
  • Each council was divided into multiple tribal councils followed by a further division into sub-trial councils.
  • Rather than electing the members to these councils, they were instead chosen by the leaders.
  • The Kohima Central Council comprised 12 members among which seven came from the Angami tribe.
  • The Mokukchang Central Council included 15 members in total out of which five were Ao, four from Sema, three from Lotha, two from Sangtam, and one from Chang. 

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