What is the full form of OFC?

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Optical Fibre Cable is the full form of OFC. Thin glass or plastic fibres, known as optical fibres, are used to make optical fibre cables. There could be two or even hundreds of cables on one. These optical fibre connections use light-based or optical technology to convey data between two places. Once they have descended from one end of the optical fibre cable (OFC), the light beams will emerge from the opposite end. The light pulses must then be transformed into electrical information by a photoelectric cell so that the computer can comprehend it.

What’s the Purpose of Optical Fibre Cable?

Indian optical fibre cables are gaining acceptance on a daily basis. The Indian government is still funding numerous projects that will improve the infrastructure for OFC networks. This is fueling the expansion. The optical fibre cable (OFC) market in India is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 17% by 2023. Government programmes like Digital India, Smart Cities, or Bharatnet have increased the usage of fibre-to-the-home connectivity. 

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Advantages of Optical Fibre Cable

The main reason fibre optic cables are used instead of copper cables is due to their benefits. Benefits comprise:

  • They can accommodate bandwidths with a higher capacity.
  • Light can move farther without requiring a stronger signal.
  • They are less susceptible to disruptions like electromagnetic disruption.
  • They are capable of being immersed in water.
  • Compared to copper wire cables, fibre optic cables are more durable, adaptable, and lightweight.
  • Their upkeep costs are really minimal.

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Disadvantages of Optical Fibre Cable

The main disadvantages of fibre optics are:

  • Typically, copper cable is more affordable than fibre optics.
  • In an outside cable, glass fibre requires greater protection than copper does.
  • It takes a lot of manpower to install new cabling.
  • In general, fibre optic cables are more sensitive. 

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