What is the Full Form of JSP?

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JSP full form

JSP full form is JavaServer Pages. It is a technology used to build dynamic web pages in Java. Moreover, it is a server-side scripting language that enables web developers to embed Java code with HTML pages. Further, it is often used as a view component in MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture to handle the presentation logic. 

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Working of JSP

Here is a brief overview of how JSP works:

  • Developers create JSP files that contain a mix of HTML markup and Java code snippets.
  • When a JSP file is accessed for the first time, the web server’s JSP engine compiles it into a Java servlet. This process involves converting the JSP file into a Java source file, which is then compiled into bytecode.
  • Once the JSP is compiled, the resulting servlet is loaded into memory. Whenever a request is made to the corresponding URL, the servlet’s service method is invoked, and the dynamic content is generated.
  • JSP allows embedding Java code within special tags, such as `<% … %>` for scriptlets, `<%= … %>` for expressions, and `<%! … %>` for declarations. This enables developers to dynamically generate HTML, manipulate data, and interact with other Java classes or frameworks.
  • The servlet generates the dynamic content, which is then sent back to the client’s web browser as an HTML page. The resulting HTML includes the static content from the original JSP file, along with any dynamic content generated by the embedded Java code.

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Advantages of JSP

Here are the advantages of using this server-side scripting language:

  • It can be utilised to write Servlets
  • It can be easily modified, owing to which it is very convenient for developers
  • It can utilise Java’s multithreading feature
  • It can readily connect to My Structured Query Language (MySQL) databases.

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