What is the full form of NPC?

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The full form of  “NPC” is “non-player character.” A non-player character is a character in a game that is controlled by neither the player nor any kind of artificial intelligence. This is typically not intended to behave realistically.

For instance, visiting stores to restock goods is a typical game scenario. The shopkeeper in these scenarios is an NPC because they don’t move from their position or otherwise alter their behaviour dynamically. They merely exist so that you can interact with them whenever you like in the same way.

Meaning of non-playable character

A non-playable character is an NPC. It is a term used in video games to describe a character who aids the narrative of the playable characters. The NPC doesn’t make significant decisions or affect the plot in any way. 

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Role of Non-playable Character. 

Any character in a game who cannot be controlled by a player is referred to as an NPC or non-playable character. Characters controlled by the gamemaster or referee rather than by another player are referred to as “gamemasters” or “referee” controlled characters in classic tabletop role-playing games.

The Difference between an NPC and a CPU

Here is the common difference between NPC and CPU 

As previously mentioned, NPCs are often managed by a small number of routines and protocols in single-player video games. They are robotic and make no effort to hide it.
CPUs are the characters found in many video games, particularly multiplayer games that may also be played alone. Despite being computer-controlled, these figures are designed to move and behave as though a real human were in charge of them.

Purpose of Non-player characters

  • Non-player characters can be the PCs’ comrades, spectators, or rivals.
  • NPCs can also be traders that exchange currency for goods like gear or equipment.
  • As a result, the level of detail in NPCs varies.

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