What is the Full Form of NSUI?

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The full form of NSUI is the National Students’ Union of India. NSUI is a student wing of the Indian National Congress (Congress) founded on 9 April 1971. The organisation was founded by Indira Gandhi after uniting the Kerala Students Union and the West Bengal State Chhatra Parishad to form a national student organisation in India. Read on to know more about NSUI.

Ideology of NSUI

NSUI aims to protect the rights of the student body while encouraging the next generation of leaders. Besides that, NSUI strives to create a sense of nationalism in India while developing them into responsible citizens of the country. 

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Core Values of NSUI

The core values of NSUI are-

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Code of Ethics for NSUI

Mentioned are some of the codes of conduct that an NSUI member must follow:

  • Must follow the rules, procedures, and processes must be followed by all officeholders and members
  • Must not take advantage of their organizational position, influence, or membership for personal or financial gain
  • Must refrain from the anti-party activity and always seek to protect the organization’s integrity
  • Must not create or affiliate with any other student group
  • Must not use violent approaches, immoral behaviour, or bad language.
  • Must not discriminate against anybody on the basis of caste, language, religion, gender etc.
  • Must not engage in any illegal, anti-social, or anti-national activity

How to Become a Member of NSUI?

In order to become a member of NSUI, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be under 27 years of age
  • You must be a student
  • You must be a citizen of India
  • You must not be part of any other political organisation 
  • You must not have been convicted of any criminal activity in past

Important Articles in Indian Constitution

NSUI National Convenors RTI

  • Adv. Deepanshu Bansal From Haryana
  • Er. Sandeep Maurya From Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Adv. Iniyan Robert From Tamilnadu

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