What Is The Capital Of Myanmar?

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what is the capital of Myanmar

The Capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw, which is also known as Nay Pyi Taw. Moreover, it is also known as the Ghost Capital of the country. The previous Capital of Myanmar was Yangon was a busy city and is a distinct contrast from the current Capital, Naypyidaw which is a planned city covered in an air of mystery. Read on to learn more about the Capital of Myanmar, Naypyidaw. 

What is the History of Naypyidaw?

Naypyidaw is young as compared to other Asian capitals. Before the year 2006, the city was known as Pyinmana and was a small administrative centre. 

  • In 2005, the Myanmar government under military rule made the controversial decision to relocate the capital from Yangon to a new city. 
  • However, the reasons behind this move remain unknown, with speculations pointing to concerns about security and a need for greater control.
  • The construction of Naypyidaw began during the mid-2000s and was officially inaugurated as the Capital of Myanmar in 2006.
Empty streets of Naypyidaw
Empty streets of Naypyidaw

Demography, Geography and Economy of Naypyidaw

As of 2024, Naypyidaw’s population is around 758,000. When you compare Yangon’s bustling city, however, Naypyidaw does not appear as populated. 

  • Moreover, the city mostly has Burmese people. 
  • There are efforts to provide wider access to education, especially in rural areas. 
  • Naypyidaw lies in the central Mandalay Region of Myanmar and is 320 kilometres north of Yangon. 
  • Furthermore, the city is situated on a plateau with an average elevation of around 350 meters which is about 1,148 feet above sea level. 
  • The terrain is flat and has some low-lying hills that have picturesque views.
Naypyidaw on the Map of Myanmar
Naypyidaw on the Map of Myanmar

  • Naypyidaw has a tropical monsoon climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. 
  • Summers are from March to May and are hot and humid, with temperatures reaching up to 38°C. 
  • The monsoon season is from June to October which brings heavy rainfall. 
  • Winters from November to February are mild and have pleasant temperatures.
  • When it comes to the economy of Naypyidaw there are new hotels, residential areas, and infrastructure projects that generate construction jobs and business opportunities. 
  • However, it is not yet a major tourist destination but still does attract visitors.

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Culture of Naypyidaw

As the fairly new Capital of Myanmar, Naypyidaw is still developing its cultural uniqueness. However, you can experience peeks of Burmese culture here through:

  • There are many traditional Burmese Pagodas and Monasteries spread throughout the city. 
Uppatasanti Pagoda at Night
Uppatasanti Pagoda at Night

  • While the markets are not as busy as those in Yangon, Naypyidaw does have local markets with Burmese handicrafts.
  • The traditional Burmese dance and music performances are sometimes held in the city.
Burmese Dance
Burmese Dance

  • Naypyidaw also celebrates Burmese festivals like Thingyan which is the Water Festival and Thadingyut which is the Festival of Lights. 
Thingyan Water Festival
Thingyan Water Festival

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Facts of Naypyidaw

Here are some interesting facts about the Capital of Myanmar, Naypyidaw that will intrigue you!

  • Naypyidaw’s broad streets and colossal structures can make it seem empty at times as the population is not as much, hence some call it a “ghost town.” 
  • Naypyidaw’s official Burmese name translates to “Abode of Kings.” 
  • Naypyidaw has many artificial lakes such as the Uppatasanti Lake which is a popular spot for locals to relax.
  • Visitation to Naypyidaw is somewhat restricted as compared to other cities in Myanmar. Moreover, foreign visitors may require special permits to enter specific areas.


What is the old capital of Myanmar?

The old capital of Myanmar is Yangon. The current capital is Naypyidaw. 

What is Rangoon called now?

Rangoon is now called Yangon and it used to be the Capital of Myanmar.

What is the old name of Myanmar?

The old name of Myanmar is Burma. 

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