What is the Full Form of DLS in Cricket?

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DLS in Cricket full form

The full form of DLS in Cricket is the Duckworth – Lewis -Stern method. The method is a mathematical formula that is used to calculate a new target score for the team batting second in a limited-overs cricket match that has been interrupted by the weather. In this blog, we will learn more about the role and application of DLS in cricket.

What is DLS in cricket?

The DLS method was devised by Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis, two English statisticians, and was first used in international cricket in 1997. This method is based on the idea that both teams should have an equal chance of winning the match, even if the match is interrupted by the weather.

  • D stands for Duckworth, named after Frank Duckworth
  • L is for Lewis- from Tony Lewis
  • S for Stern- Steven Stern, who later revised the original method, giving us the system used today.

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What is the Role of DLS in Cricket?

DLS comes into play when the weather plays spoilsport. It helps in calculating a fair target when the match is interrupted. The system uses complex mathematical formulas to adjust scores in a way that accounts for lost playing time. It ensures that neither team loses out due to interruptions beyond their control.

It is also applicable for other stoppages, like bad light or unexpected delays. Before DLS, methods like the Average Run Rate were used, but they didn’t always result in fair outcomes. 

Source: The Cricket Digest

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Example of Usage

In 2019, the Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand was interrupted by rain after England had batted first and scored 241 runs for 8 wickets in 50 overs. The DLS method calculated that New Zealand needed to score 242 runs to win the match. However, New Zealand were only able to score 237 runs before they were bowled out in 47 overs. As a result, England won the match by one run on the DLS method.

The DLS method is a complex mathematical formula, but it is an important tool for deciding the outcome of cricket matches that are interrupted by the weather. 

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